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The award winning delivery auction site that can save you money on the cost of moving home.

A totally free to list delivery service that gives you instant access to thousands of transport companies and courier services who are already making the journey and who have space in their vehicles for your items, can save you a lot of money when moving anything from large items, cars or even moving home and is of great benefit to the environment too, in its reduction of traffic on the road.

CHEAP DELIVERY is one of these brilliant ideas that don’t come along very often, but when they do, makes everyone question as to why it hasn’t been done before. Set up in October 2009, the idea came about one and a half years earlier while Angus Elphinstone, aged just 25, was running a delivery business, White Van Gentlemen. After spotting a gap in the market for cheap nationwide deliveries and shared vans – known in the industry as part loads, he registered the url and began planning the business. 25% of vans travel empty in the UK and 50% travel half full, meaning a lot of air is transported at large cost to transport companies, wasting unnecessary fuel - it wasn’t difficult to get the couriers on board with the idea, and was born.


The cut and thrust of the idea is that anyone wishing to move any large item from one part of the country to another fills in the details of their delivery online. Different couriers then bid to move your item and you choose the one based on price, timings and feedback ratings. Listing a shipment is totally free and you are under no obligation to accept any quotes that you receive. The site is clear and easy to use with customers reporting savings of hundreds of pounds. If you’re moving house or any heavy item around the UK, is a no brainer.