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Six of the best storage solutions from The Dormy House.

Most interior designers know that good storage is as important to the home as a comfy bed. The question is, do you? Do you need to de-clutter? Clever storage solutions can make your home a much happier and harder working space. It’s rather like therapy for the home. Nobody knows this more than the designers at The Dormy House, a great site for practical yet stylish high-end furniture, soft furnishings and wallpaper. At The Dormy House, you can personalize the furniture in your choice of paint finish, knobs and even fabrics. We take a look at our favourite six storage options from The Dormy House.

Pigeon Shelves

‘A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place!’ Make it easier to play Mary Poppins and keep small items organised in this cubby hole storage shelf.

Library of Wall Storage

Time for coffee and a good book! Customise your library of wall storage by choosing the exact base units and shelf units, in your chosen colour and finish, to best suit your space.

Home Office Armoire

Tight on space but work at home? This hideaway study cupboard is a genius in design with an adjustable shelf, cutaway hole to hide computer wires and an optional noticeboard.

Retro Bedside Table

Tidy bedroom, better sleep. That’s what we think, anyway. This rather beautiful bedside table, that can be bought painted or unpainted, is part of a sleek 1950s-inspired collection.

Bench Seat

Clever storage means less clutter around the house or left lingering on the floor. This bench seat has two concealed doors to hide away clothes, bedding or shoes.

New Hampsire Media Cabinet

Let's be frank. TVs, while essential to our sanity are an eyesore. Hide your unsightly TV behind the bi-folding doors in this cabinet that has space below for digital boxes, games consoles and DVDs.