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House Tutor

Interior design and decoration courses in Surrey and beyond giving guidance, skills and knowledge to help decorate your home yourself.

House Tutor bridges the gap between interior designers and the homeowner with its short interior design and decoration courses and tutorials that give you the skills and know-how enabling you to complete your own projects. If you lack confidence but don't want to employ the services of a professional or go on a long professional course, House Tutor is the answer, providing the tailored guidance through what at first can seem like a daunting process.


Sally McIlroy and her team will teach you the fundamentals of good design, about what works and why and the methods and techniques used. There are various options available which include a home visit, charged at an hourly rate, which will give you help on a specific project. The mini-tutorial is the most popular service, taking approximately two hours, which includes a home visit where the key principles of good design are covered relating to the project in hand. 


House Tutor also offers workshops for small groups of up to four people. The morning starts with an explanation of the way professional designers go about design and decoration using House Tutor's Be Your Own Interior Designer case. A quick and near foolproof method is then demonstrated, and everyone leaves with a simple room scheme. Booklets on 'Interior style and how to achieve it' as well as specialist colour wheels imported from the USA are included (2 of each per workshop). Recent clients include the RAC club and House Tutor has run various pop-up courses in art galleries and tea rooms as far afield as Dublin.


This advanced course which takes place in Guildford, Surrey, gives participants the tools to either decorate their own homes to an exceptionally high standard or with their portfolio of work, go out and be better equipped to find paid employment or embark on a career in interior design. This new semi-professional course is an effective half-way house giving you the relatively inexpensive means of achieving a quality and valuable outcome.


House Tutor has recently introduced a not-for-profit work training day for young people aged sixteen to twenty-two, in response to requests for work placements from those struggling to find suitable work experience. Taking place in June, the day provides an insight into what it's like to work in a creative business and the attributes needed to make a positive impression on clients/employers.


House Tutor will design courses to suit businesses and small groups, with past clients including Royal Automobile Club, The Design Council and KA International.