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Fired Earth Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

Still creating the kind of products you can imagine living with forever

Fired Earth celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. It has long been synonymous with distinctive and innovative design and products that are always beautiful as well as being timeless and durable. In 1984, Nicholas Kneale launched Fired Earth with the tile range, some of which are still available today.

All products are carefully chosen and the company works closely with artisan suppliers to design the ranges that Fired Earth has become so well known for. So whether you’re looking at a Fired Earth tile that was fired in 1984 or one that has been created today, you’ll notice the unmistakable stamp of craftsmanship and innovation for which Fired Earth is renowned.

The passion for excellence seamlessly extends into the kitchen, bathroom and paint ranges and each year for the past 25 the company has added only products that it knows to be both beautiful and practical.


1984 Handmade Classic floor tiles                       
1985 Multicolour Slate floor tiles               
1986 Early English Delft wall tiles           
1987 Valencia wall tiles                             
1988 Haute Provence wall tiles                 
1989 Encaustic floor tiles                         
1990 Venetian marble Mosaic tiles          
1991 Ironbridge wall tiles                           
1992 Roman Mosaic floor tiles       
1993 Tribal Handwoven Rugs                                   
1994 Paint range                           
1995 Umbria floor tiles                       
1996 Old Tuscan travertine floor tiles       
1997 Geometric floor tiles                         
1998 Natural History wall tiles                         
1999 Iridescent Glass Mosaic wall tiles         
2000 Wood Flooring range                                  
2001 Versailles Console
2002 Le Bain de Bateau Bath                 
2003 Bastide kitchen furniture         
2004 Lubelska Brick floor tiles      
2005 Elements of Colour paint range               
2006 Bastide bathroom furniture         
2007 Chantilly wall tiles              
2008 Jura kitchen furniture     
2009 Architectural Stone

Visit Fired Earth to find out more and read about special offers on some of the company's favourite products that will be running throughout the year.