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Best Websites for Interior Design Inspiration

Jane Blackmore tells us about the sites on her favourites' list.

The world wide web is full of fantastic inspiration on how to beautify, maximise and enhance your home. When looking to achieve a specific style, it can be almost overwhelming using a search engine with the amount of data that can be thrown back at you.

Have a look at these incredible sites which I think offer some excellent interior design inspiration.

When looking for glamour and inspiration from the stars, I head over to Elle Decor. I can’t keep count of the amount of hours that I have lost as I have meandered around this site, cooing in marvel at the homes of the rich and famous and stealing titbits to recreate in my own abode. It is thanks to Reece Witherspoon that I am currently on the hunt for a wrought iron chandelier to hang in my lounge and I must confess this leads me to Nigel Tyas’s site, which I leave open on my laptop in the hope my husband will unpack his credit card and make my day.

Increation is a stunning interior design company, based in London, they provide ‘complete rooms’ by which they mean they conceptualise, design and create whole rooms for their clients; from cabinet making, to light fittings to plumbing, nothing is left as an added extra. This site showcases some beautiful imagery of kitchens and bathroom which leave the viewer begging for more.

The owner of Increation, Vincent Cullane, offers a few insights into where their ideas originate from;

We have become massive fans of an American website, and use them on almost every project. Something we have been doing for a while, but really coming into the fore in interior design, is the use of organic form and shapes. This plus a return to a little glamour. Many clients are tired of the minimalist look. offers some incredible ideas and works as an interactive site so you can save ideas to an ideabook (rather like a Pinterest board) which means they are not forgotten when you switch off your netbook. You can return to them time and time again without searching the internet in vain.

For those looking for artistic inspiration head over to the V&A’s site and spend some time being inspired by the ages, it also offers some excellent resources to follow up and turn your home dreams into practicalities.

If you are looking to maximise space with young children and still achieve chic living have a read of Growing Spaces, which is written by freelance writer Heather Young, who was an editor of some of London’s top interior magazines before having children. Heather offers her readers some excellent tips on how to keep a family home still looking beautiful but child friendly for her twin toddlers. Again this blog offers some great resources to follow up to create your ideal living space.

Jane Blackmore is a freelance writer with three small children who dreams of living in modern sophistication but often finds herself surrounded by crayon coloured walls and Play Doh splattered carpets.

March 2013

This is a guest post.