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As the interminable winter finally inches out and gives way to spring, it heralds a time for a refresh. This year our freedom to get out into the sunshine may be curtailed, but there are still ways to feel the uplifting sensation that the season brings. The best place to start? In the bedroom.

Typically, in the colder months, the bedroom becomes a cosy cocoon, with layered up blankets and throws to keep us toasty. Now it’s time to lighten up. Plus, it has never been more imperative, as we all collectively look to our protecting our health and that of those around us, that we get as much good quality sleep as possible. And here’s how, with Soak&Sleep, which is currently operating a no-contact delivery service.

1. Swap In Some New Sheets

Who doesn’t love that iron-fresh feeing of crisp sheets, usually reserved for the loveliest of hotels? Now is the moment to swap out the darker hues of winter and give your bed a box-fresh white makeover. Obviously you don’t need to buy new sheets every year; but every three years or so, those you use daily could do with an overhaul (think how worn a short would get with continual daily usage for years on end). Do invest in some good natural fibre sheets to help go the distance. We love Soak & Sleep’s 100% Natural Hemp Bed Linen Fitted Sheets (£52 - £74).

2. Get The Right Pillow

Many of us sleep with pillows which actually act as impediments to a good kip. Why? Because choosing the right pillow depends on what kind of sleeper you are. If, like us, you favour getting your eight hours on your front, you will need a pillow that is shallower and softer. We love the Supremely Soft As Down pillow (£9.80 - £50), which is also great for those with allergies, since it contains no feathers. Side sleeper? Try the Ultimate 90% Hungarian Goose Down Pillow. Back sleepers, meanwhile, need a pillow that doesn’t tilt their head too much. Give the
Box-Walled Duck Feather pillow a try and see how well you snooze.

3. Buy The Right Tog Duvet

As with everything in life, it’s all a matter of individual taste and preference. However, remember it’s less about what temperature it is outside, and more about how warm you keep your house. However, as a general rule of thumb, as we move into mid-spring, anything from a 7.5- or 9.0- to a 10.5-tog duvet is about right, which is also about right for autumn too. We have our eyes on the Luxury Pure Silk Duvet (£75 - £276), which comes in your choice of tog, including an ‘All Seasons Warmth’ option. Dreamy.

4. Keep Things Calm and Neutral

Getting a good night’s sleep is dependent on many things. One of them is how tranquil and calm your bedroom feels. We’re all for dynamic colours in the rest of the house but when it comes to the room you sleep in, it pays to keep it simple and soothing. That doesn’t mean boring. The 100% Pure French Linen Double Duvet Cover in Rose Pink (£55) demonstrates adroitly how pretty neutral can be. It is pre-washed and pre-shrunk, making it sublimely soft and textured. Meanwhile, for those who favour the classic, white crisp look, try the Classic 200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen (£8. 75 – £89,50) in a cool percale weave, which makes it a breathable pleasure to sleep in.

5. Choose A Light Summer Bedspread

A bedspread may instinctively feel like a winter thing, and indeed, a velvet or wool throw is a beautiful addition to a winter bed. But even as the weather warms up, nothing elevate the look of a bedroom more than a bedspread. It’s all about opting for the season-appropriate fabric. The Classic Cotton Quilted Bedspreads (£60 - £80) are breathable and pretty, with their subtle stitched design. Go for pure white for a really fresh look, or grey if you want to add some depth and definition.

By Nancy Alsop
April 2020


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