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Printed Editions

Online gallery selling fine art prints from established and emerging artists from leading galleries.

The last few years have without a doubt turned the traditional gallery model on its head with the advent of online ‘spaces’ taking the art world by storm. Yes ‘accessibility’ is the watchword and never is the trend more in evidence than at genius website Printed Editions. This chic, clean clear interface is the portal for a brilliant compendium of collectable prints of not only the finest photography but the work of artists represented by the world’s leading galleries.


A whole legion of incredible works from some of the greatest masters. Whether you’re looking for older works by Durer or Degas, or you’re of the more modern persuasion searching out the iconoclastic style of Picasso or Chagall – you’d be hard pushed to leave Printed Editions wanting. There’s even an extensive range of contemporary masters ranging from Damien Hirst through to David Hockney with a myriad of other incredible artists in between.


Is clearly the sheer accessibility of works on offer, and it’s no surprise the leading international galleries of the world are happy for their wares to be virtually housed on the site given that it’s a chic elegant homage to the greatest artists of all time.


Is simple, easy to use and navigate and queries are swiftly responded to should your print of choice provoke any queries…


The recent additions section to get your hands on the first prints hitting the market.


If you’re a collector looking to buy, or a gallerist looking for inspiration then Printed Editions is a must see site for those of you with a vested interest in art.

February 2013