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Turn an idea into an original work of art.

Have you ever had an idea for a piece of artwork, for yourself or for a friend, but lacked the skills to make it yourself? has come up with the ideal solution, by providing an online space where you can connect with artists looking to take on commissions.


Founders Jo Gourley Froome and Kim MacLarty realised that there was no easy place for bespoke art buyers to link with lots of working artists. At there are artists of all disciplines (textiles, ceramics, glass, painting – you name it), all at varying stages in their careers and working to different budgets. Each artist on the site includes a biography and examples of their work to give you a good idea of their style.


All the creating that you, the buyer, have to do is to put together a ‘wishlist’ that describes your budget and vision for the piece (colour, size, location, medium, subject matter etc). The site’s artists will then respond to your request, essentially bidding against each other for the commission. This bidding environment should ensure that you pay an affordable price for your commissioned work of art. When the piece is completed, it will be sent to you with a certificate of authenticity (this will be useful for any future valuation).

A BESPOKE GIFT? is a great idea for a gift, whether you are commissioning a portrait, an abstract sculpture or want to make a bespoke work of art from a photo. There are also gift vouchers available to buy; ideal if you want to give a personalised gift but want the recipient to decide for themselves what they want.

28 February 2012