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Get digging with the help of this plant and gardening equipment supplier.

Get digging and create your perfect outdoor space with the help of Gardening Direct, suppliers of plants and gardening equipment. 


Gardening Direct has carefully chosen its range of bedding plants for colour, scale, line, form style and texture so you can be sure that your garden will look its best; whether you are looking for striking colours or a certain style of plant. Choose your plants by flowering season, size of spread or look for plants for a specific location, such as partial shade. Perennials will bring your garden to life and come back year after year. There is a good selection of roses with miniatures, climbers and tea roses. Its shrubs combine both traditional and contemporary varieties, in flowering, hedging and ornamental styles to ensure a stunning and textured garden. 


Gardening Direct stock a variety of fruit and vegetable plants which will grow in the garden, on the patio or even in a window box. You can buy them from seed or patio plants, like courgettes, peppers and tomatoes. You will also find everything you need with a range of accessories from greenhouses to garden gnomes. 


Small plug plants are between 4 and 6cm tall in a 'plug' of compost and represent the best value for money. The bigger medium plug plants are 6 & 8cm tall, and being more mature, can be planted straight into the garden provided that the risk of frost has passed - for best results they should be grown on for a couple weeks before planting out. Its large plug plants are perfect for those who have less time to spare, supplied as 9 to 11cm tall plants, they can be planted directly into the garden.