The ideal place to pick up some plants, choose garden furniture and ornaments and have a bite to eat.

Francesco and Gael Boglione bought the piece of land adjoining their Richmond Home and opened a very special garden centre in 2004. Since then, there has not been a glossy magazine or weekend newspaper that it hasn't featured or been mentioned in. The cafe is raved about; the impeccably sourced garden ornaments, artefacts and furniture have impressed and then there are the plants. With the Bolgiones' vegetable and cutting garden next door, they are able to supply the Cafe with most of the salads, edible flowers and herbs. So all in all, it's a great success.

The Bogliones and their team have travelled far and wide to find wonderful things to fill their shop and online store. They make a point of always knowing the manufacturer personally, thus avoiding the middleman and enabling villages in the outer reaches of the world to benefit.

The Nursery also runs lectures which are very popular. Bleddyn and Sue Wynn-Jones of Crug Farm Plants and Kathryn Bradley-Hole are forthcoming fixtures. Past lecturers include Nori Pope, Stephen Lacy and Tom Petherick.