A fantastic nursery for rare plants and bulbs.

This well-maintained and engrossing site offers an excellent collection of rare bulbs, hardy plants and greenhouse species. Paul Christian has been in business for over 30 years, and the site is full of information and advice. There is a choice of some 3500 plants and bulbs to choose from. This is the place to go for allium, hepatica, lilies, anemones, peonies and many other plants. Each plant is illustrated by a photograph of the highest quality, many taken by Dr. Christian himself and you will find full plant descriptions and planting conditions.

The spring and winter lists catalogue the immense number of bulbs for sale at different times of the year. You can either order a catalogue online or download one in various formats.

Paul Christian is continually adding more material to the site, news items and additional cultivation pages, which are first-rate. Look at Web Only, a section where some new plants are listed (they don't appear in the paper version). These plants are either newly stocked, newly lifted or only available in limited supply. My account allows you to check the status of your order and save shopping baskets, particularly useful if you are interuppted mid order.

Our advice is to get your order in early as their bulbs sell out like hot cakes. The new online ordering system was put in place in June of this year and is ready and waiting all hours for your order.