The web site of a wonderful specialist plant nursery

Bernwode Plants nursery is in Buckinghamshire between Oxford and Aylesbury. This is the website of what must be one of the most interesting specialist nurseries in England.

The site is attractive and easy to navigate. The main attraction is an alphabetical index of the 3000 rare and tradiitional herbaceous plants, herbs, wild flowers, shrubs and fruit trees which Bernwode have to offer.

Their recently produced catalogue of fruit trees is a masterpiece of scholarship. It lists all the trees they have on offer, how to plant them
and provides a history of each tree. The catalogue can be ordered by email. Their plant catalogue will be available shortly.

Bernwode do not offer ordering online. We feel that this is a nursery well worth visiting where there are wonderful plants to buy and help
from friendly staff. Bernwode offer visitors an extensive range of photos to help identify plants which they may wish to buy.

Full details of how to find Bernwode and opening times are available on the site.