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Guerrilla Gardening

Gardening without boundaries.

Our cities, towns and villages are peppered with wasted patches of common land. Ignored by most, there is a brave band of people quietly waging war against the neglect of these useful spaces. Welcome to the horticultural frontline, at Guerrilla


The idea is simple. Find a neglected patch of ground and grow things in it. Check out the list of helpful tips on the site to help you get started. No piece of ground is too small! If you can fit even one plant in it will be worth the trouble. Much of this gardening activism is enacted under cover of darkness, so invest in a good head-torch!

Guerrilla Gardening started life as a blog in 2004 to document its creator’s illicit horticultural endeavours. Since then it has grown into a community site for Guerrilla Gardening enthusiasts the world over. Register with the site and you can join the community, giving you the heads-up on Guerrilla Gardeners already active in your area.


Read about the achievements of Guerrilla Gardeners to date; from tulip planting along the M1 to sidewalk bed cultivation in Chicago, these trowel-wielding warriors have stamped their mark in all sorts of unlikely places.

The zany determination of the Guerrilla Gardening gang is hugely inspiring, so sign up, and keep your eyes peeled for potential plots!