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Urban Allotments

A bright, well-thought-out site, which helps us on our way to growing our own.

A brand new family company, Urban Allotments is a helpful and attractive site, dedicated to helping you to get into growing your own, whether your space is a garden, patio or even a windowsill.


If you’ve ever thrown a half eaten bag of salad or herb bag into the bin or lamented the tasteless tomatoes bought from the supermarket, then it might be worth starting to grow your own. And there are few better places to start than here. With a pleasant white and green interface, cheerful design and clear layout, Urban Allotments is a real joy to browse. The site is divided into categories covering: Packages, for those keen to try a taster of what growing their own might be like; Culinary Collections, which includes herbs and seasoning for summer cocktails, salads, Christmas and teas; Pots & Planters, including classic, modern, rustic and unusual; Plants & Trees, which provides baby plants (plugs) for Fruit, Herbs, Salads, Trees & Bushes and Vegetables to give you a head start on the growing process; as well as Gifts and garden Accessories. There is even a section dedicated to children, Little Gems, which helps you plan Potting Parties, provides Pots & Planters and kids’ Accessories and updates on Kids’ Planting Projects.


A lively blog tells the story of the early Urbaneers with photos and experiences logged to help encourage others, and those at Urban Allotments improve their own growing skills. At time of writing the latest post read:

Have to report that my Pak Choi has turned out to be a bean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile click on Food For Thought at the bottom of the page to read the top tips of the month and answers to burning beginner's growing questions, such as How can I stop bugs eating the leaves of my plants? Or What’s the best feed to use on vegetable pots?


Urban Allotments is a well thought out site that helps us to see the benefits of growing our own, understand the value of food and what we are eating and appreciate that this immensely rewarding hobby doesn’t have to break the bank.