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The Year of Aerial Edible Gardening

Inspiring and insightful stories from an urban rooftop garden.

When she moved into a new London flat, journalist Helen Babbs found that she had access to a small roof terrace. Helen decided to develop this small ‘patch of grey’ into a garden and blog about it as she went along. Thus, The Year of Aerial Edible Gardening, and a real-life urban oasis, was born.


If you have ever felt the call of the garden, hankered after growing your own food, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty – read this blog, and be inspired. Helen is a very good writer (she writes for the Guardian, amongst other publications), and her pride and fondness for the natural world shines through with talk of ‘gymnastic squirrels’ and ‘the slow undressing of my dear, dear sycamore tree’. It is heartening to think that when Helen began this project she knew very little about gardening; her knowledge has been honed through practice and experimentation.

Building and maintaining a garden provides the perfect fodder for a blog; and thanks to Helen’s informed writing, the passing of time is felt and appreciated with every post. This celebration of life, tempered by a nagging sense of nostalgia for what is past makes The Year of Aerial Edible Gardening an entertaining and affecting read.

9 November 2011