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Garden Marathon

Enjoy a different view of the garden at the Serpentine Gallery this weekend, 15th-16th Oct 2011.

If you have any interest in gardens or art, then get yourself down to the Serpentine Gallery for the Garden Marathon this weekend.


The Marathon Series has been running since 2006, and this will be its sixth installment, focusing on the very concept of the garden itself; exploring our desire to impose human order onto the exuberant logic of nature, this unique collaboration between the man-made and the natural world. A garden is a creative space quite like no other, being ever-changing and ever willful, and incorporating questions of time, mathematics, philosophy, geography, aesthetics, there is a lot to discuss!


Taking place over two days, the Garden Marathon will take in aspects of horticulture, design and architecture, as well as the work of various performers, artists and writers. Featuring familiar names from both the gardening and artistic worlds (Dan Pearson, Jake Chapman, Julia Peyton-jones to namedrop a few), this looks set to be a thorough, illuminating and thought-provoking inspection of our relationship with the garden; in the past, in the future, both in the countryside and in the urban environment. There is a timetable of each day's events on the Serpentine Gallery website.

Saturday 15 October 12noon -10pm
Sunday 16 October 11am – 9pm

Ticket Prices
£25/£20 Two Day
£15/£10 One Day

tickets are available at the gallery lobby desk 

10 October 2011