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Gardeners of all abilities will be able to find plants and design their own garden.

Plantify makes it easy to search for plants with the site's Plantfinder, a database specifically designed for gardeners. Search for plants by soil type, aspect or plant colour. Register with the site in order to be able to contribute to this ever-growing plant database, as well as add to the list of nurseries, upload photos, rate plants and more. 

As of February 28th, Plantify will also be bringing garden design to the masses, with the launch of its new and easy-to-use garden design tool. Peter Laughton, the design-brain behind Plantify, hopes that the tool will make creative gardening more accessible to everyone. 


Guiding you step-by-step through the process, Plantify uses Google Maps to help you set your garden’s orientation and calculate its size. Next you will create a drawing of your garden as it currently stands (putting in beds, lawns etc). Using the plant finder you can then drag and drop plants from your wish list into your Plantify garden, in fact the site will even suggest suitable plants for you.

This state of the art design tool allows you to replicate everything from plant textures, garden objects, and surfaces such as gravel to help bring your design plan to life, and you don’t even need to download any software onto your computer as Plantify will store your garden design for you.


Be inspired by the Inspirational Gardens section, where you can look at pictures of completed gardens, find out what plants were put in, into what kind of soil and take a peek at their original design.


There are several professional garden designers involved with Plantify; should you wish to enlist one of them to help you with your design, this is possible for a small fee.

7 February 2012