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Trees of Britain

This useful little app will help you see the wood from the trees.

How often have you been out in the countryside, or in a park, and wished that you knew the names of the many trees you were looking at? To resolve this embarrassing lack of knowledge, CleverMatrix have created The Trees of Britain App, a directory of 72 British trees.

After a slow download (as a result of the large number of pictures) at a cost of £0.69, this app is available offline and is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android.


The beauty of this app is in its simplicity; it takes a matter of seconds to figure out how it works, and it is nice-looking too. A large amount of information is provided on each of the trees, and there are several pictures given for each one, including close ups of bark, leaves, nuts and so on. The pictures, on the whole, are of very high quality, although a couple of blurry ones seem to have slipped through the net. Let’s hope these are weeded out over time.


When it comes to identifying an unknown tree, click on the ‘identify’ tab along the bottom. You will be given several pictoral options to choose from, covering leaf shape, seed type, tree type – after which a list of possible results will come up. This is one of those nice little apps that can turn a stroll in the country into something fun and educational for adults and children alike.

08 May 2012