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Toolkit HD

Get your garden organised with this comprehensive app, offering planting advice, guides and journal.

This is a great gardening iPad app for beginners and pro gardeners alike. A rustic, scrapbook interface welcomes you, offering four main sections, entitled Plants, Journal, Advice and Share, all of which link up to a general My Gardens tab. At a cost of £2.49, Toolkit HD does a lot more for you than most gardening apps; covering vegetables, herbs, fruit, flowers and shrubs. You will be able to find out what you should be planting month by month and whether your garden will be providing the correct environment for each plant. Keep track of your crops, record what you are planting year by year and create a database that you can look back through over time to see what has been successful and what has failed. Adjust the app settings to let Toolkit HD know what region you are in so it can assess your planting and growing conditions.


This is where you manage what you have planted in your own garden(s). Add in any seeds you have sown or plants you have installed and Toolkit HD will give you a progress bar to remind you when it’s time to harvest your produce; this shouldn’t be necessary for most gardeners, but you never know! You can also adjust the timings for plants sown as seedlings rather than from seed.


The Plants tab features an extensive list of plants, with comprehensive planting guides providing information on soil quality, germination, frost hardiness, lifecycle, sowing and more.


Keep a diary of your gardening activity. Input reminders, create to-do lists, or simply record what you have done day by day.


Does exactly what it says on the tin and provides you with all of the knowledge you should need to get sowing and growing in your own garden. The Plant ideas tab offers suggestions on flowers or vegetables to plant with children, plants that will attract bees and butterflies, or what to plant for flower arranging.

03 October 2012