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Kew Gardens

Get the most out of Kew Gardens by downloading the official app; it's blooming marvellous.

If you are planning a visit to Kew Gardens this Summer, then you should definitely download the Kew Gardens app before you go. Providing you with a detailed site map, as well as lots of information about the plants, animals and any conservation work that is going on, this app allows you to explore the world of Kew Gardens in a more interactive way.


The map is the central feature, and uses GPS mapping to guide you through the gardens. You can customise the map to suit your needs; so if you have children with you, for instance, you can find the kids' play areas and other child-friendly attractions with ease.

Each day, the experts at Kew choose highlights from the gardens to be featured in the ‘see today’ section; these are usually plants that are in bloom and the app will tell you where you can find them. If you want to ‘dig deeper’, you can choose to see the garden in augmented reality, or scan the plant codes assigned to certain plants; scan these and you will learn more detailed information about the plant (a good one for gardening geeks). There is also a series of photo galleries, covering the history of Kew, textures of the garden, the resident wildlife and much more.

This app is free and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The Kew Gardens app takes a while to download, but will be well worth the wait!

19 June 2012