This site is a must before you buy – miss it at your peril.

UpMyStreet describes itself as 'the real life guide to your neighbourhood'. It is a useful site if you've just moved to an area or are thinking of moving. You put in your postcode or town to get information on your local shops and services, schools, childcare, public transport, property prices and crime figures.

Once you’ve chosen a location a description of that area will come up. On the left of the screen you’ll find a link to a local map. This can be manipulated in almost any manner and is excellent in helping the home seeker locate a particular property very precisely. On the left you’ll also see a list of topics, such as Policing & Crime, Transport, Leisure & Fun.

Property & Moving shows the average price of property types within the area, and compares them with the average in England and Wales. A useful graph is produced that compares local price trends over the last six years with the national average. You can also peruse properties on sale in your area and find a local surveyor. The Find My Nearest section is a quick way to track down the businesses and services nearest to your house. News and Views is a membership only option (though membership is free) which allows you to see local news stories and general information about the site. The Council Performance section produces some very useful statistics. It will confirm if the dustmen are efficient, and whether much re-cycling goes on. It gives statistics on the library, social services, public transport and so on.
Education figures are produced down to individual schools, but the figures on Policing and Crime are a bit thin.

UpMyStreet is a little clumsy in its design. Information is not always easy to find and is a bit too scattered. That said, the site is a good place to go to get the low down on a particular area.