Other Sites of Interest

Useful sites for toy collectors.


The Dmoz project has assembled a good list of links to pursue if you are a toy collector.

Kidd's Toys

Though a commercial website, Kidd's Toys offers good descriptions and many illustrations. There is also a particular interest in Japanese and German toys.

Hornby-Dublo Electric Trains

This is a site dedicated to the collectors of Hornby-Dublo electric trains. Look at Frequent Hornby Questions and the Reference Section at the bottom of the homepage for information, or The Virtual Swapmeet to deal or exchange.

Batman Memorabilia

Ed Kelly is a Batman enthusiast and under the About link he gives an interesting account of how he got into collecting.

The Tri-Ang Society

The website for Tri-ang enthusiasts, with lots of information and good onward links.

Golly Corner

The Robertson's golly continues to be unfailingly popular despite assaults by PC-obsessives. Liz Prigg maintains this excellent website.

Dolls and Teddy Bears

Absolutely Bear

Absolutely Bear by Fiona Smith is a cleverly designed and attractive commercial website that is still rapid and user-friendly, and is UK-based. Click on Enter in the middle of the homepage and then select the areas of the website you want to visit either from the main page links or from the paw-prints down the left margin. On the Road takes you to the list of shows where Fiona and her bears can be seen. Links leads to a list of dealers, mostly in the UK but including also a few abroad. The most useful of these for collectors is probably Bear Artists of Britain, an impressive list.


TeddyUK has a much more detailed historical look at the origins of teddy bears than most other teddy bear sites. It is found from the Other link, selecting Teddy Bear History from the pop-up possibilities.

Sue Pearson Teddy Bears

Sue Pearson is an established teddy bear dealer and authority based in Brighton. You can order her book or video here, and enquire about repairs, but the main value of the site is probably in its illustrations.

Dolls of the World

Dolls of the World is a magazine for anyone interested in collecting dolls, of all periods and nationalities. It can't be read online but you can find out what has appeared in recent issues and subscribe.