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Candy Queen Designs

Light switches and cupboard knobs feature animals and candy to name just some of these unusual designs.

Whether you're looking to make bedtime more exciting for children, or just want to change your plain white plastic light switches for something more stylish, Candy Queen Designs has a huge range of handmade funky light switches and dimmer switches that will solve your lighting problems.


The only switches available with 3D rotary knobs, Candy Queen light switches let you turn your lights on and off with a miniature cupcake, football, animal or even a real piece of candy set in resin. Put these in your children's room or nursery and they will be the envy of all their friends. With everything from Farm Animals to Fairies and Sports to Space Travel, there is a design to suit every room. It's not just for children either, there are some great designs for adults too. The popped cork, music notes or candy designs ideal for kitchens and the seaside designs are a great buy for bathrooms.


Candy Queen
also designs and makes cupboard knobs to match every light switch, the perfect finishing touch to a newly decorated room. Clear photography aptly illustrates the diverse range of designs on offer. Search for the design you are looking for via Light Switches or Cupboard Knobs, each of which feature a number of different designs, for example Nursery, Keep Calm or Dinosaurs. In addition the ready-made selection of lights, knobs and dimmers, Candy Queen Designs welcomes commissions, which make great gifts for weddings or birthdays. Be sure to visit the Best Sellers Page for a glimpse of what's on offer and the Gallery to see how a design may look in your own home. 

A delightful little site, with a sense of fun and humour.

March 2012