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How to do everything and still have time for yourself by Dawna Walter

Helps you to achieve a more ordered life.

If you could wish a fairy into your life, it would probably be in the shape of Dawna Walter. She would have you cleaned up, packed up, sorted out and ready to go in no time. Sadly this won’t happen but her latest book will get you some of the way towards a more ordered life.

This is a new book for a new year and a new you. It’s one of those books achingly full of sound advice, some so blindingly obvious but if you follow just the tiniest scrap, you will still save yourself time and needless effort. Dawna Walter set up the Holding Company in 1995 as she was dismayed at storage solutions for sale in the UK. She yearned for American style closets where everything has a place. The company has been a runaway success and we are all feeling a lot better for it and tidier too. Dawna also co-presents the successful series on BBC2, The Life Laundry.

Without doubt, this lady knows what she is doing and this book really can help you. The advice contained within this life-changing book will streamline your day. Why not keep your keys in one place only? Remember the times you have spent looking high and low for a lost set. Put them in this spot as soon as you get in. Follow her 10 ways to save time in the morning, 10 things to do on public transport, 10 ways to indulge at home and you will immediately feel a better person and more organised.

The subject of wardrobes is always a contentious one. It’s always stuffed full of clothes you no longer wear. After a big clear out, hang everything in order, starting with the short things on one side and graduating to full length clothes. Hang like with like and by colour. Dawna admits that it might sound just a tad neurotic but on that quick dash in the morning, you’ll save bags of time.

Suitcases: who knows how to pack one properly? This is something that your mother never told you about. Help is at hand. Start with the long garments first, running them along with the length of the suitcase leaving the ends to hang over the suitcase. Layer with folder shirts and jerseys and bring the ends of the long garments across. Alternate until it is all folded in. Place jackets and shoes (bagged up) on top. This only gets us to page 32 and there are 125 more, all filled with time saving ideas.

Another bête noire: clutter. Feng Shui expert, Karen Kingston, believes that a build up of paperwork, newspapers and magazines, can prevent us from making space for new ideas. Sort them, recycle the paper and your creative energy will start to flow.

Lists can be the saviour of us all. Dawna recommends doing one job today that you have on your list for tomorrow. The satisfaction of crossing it off is infinite, especially as it is not even tomorrow. The Good Web Guide advises you to go and buy this book now and you will be half way to a stress free existence. We just love it.

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Publication details:
160 pp. Special photography by Andrew Wood. £9.99
Published by Quadrille
ISBN 1844000753

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