Tess Ward, food writer, Grazia columnist and chef, gives us an insight into her life online.

Tess Ward is a food writer, Grazia columnist and chef. She also teaches tailor made cooking programmes. Her first cookbook ‘The Naked Diet’ is due for release May 2015.

My Favourite Websites... 101 Cookbooks and Foodporn Daily - A little health and a little naughtiness, just to balance it out.

My Favourite App... Uber - It is dangerously addictive.

My Favourite Blog... Pandora Sykes - She engages in interesting social commentary and succeeds in being simultaneously involved and pragmatic about the absurdities of the fashion world. It's a refreshing, unnarcissistic site. A really unique fashion blog

My Most Recent Buy Online... Malene Birger silk jumpsuit - This was a naughty Net-A-Porter sale purchase.

My Favourite Tweeter... Caitlin Moran - I love Caitlin because of her outspoken views on feminism. She is a wonderful, empowering role model for young women.

My Favourite Instagrammers... @Clerkenwellboyec1 and @BestVacations - Some of the best restaurants and travel locations in the world.

My Stand Out Online Memory... - Meeting some of the most reputable and influential foodies, chefs and writers at events. I am always a little star struck at first, but as soon as we get talking about cooking and food the nerves quickly disappear.

Most Worthwhile Newsletter Subscribed To... Guardian Updates - Delivered to my phone.

My Pet Hate About Life Online... It takes us out of the present, yet it has the perception of being reality.

4 February 2015