Susie Pearl, happiness activist and author of Instructions for Happiness and Success, shares some favourite sites.

Susie Pearl is a happiness activist, author of Instructions for Happiness and Success and a passionate user of TM meditation. She has spent a decade or two delving into the ancient wisdom and modern science of how to get happier and more contented. Susie writes:-

A big hello to 2014. So what’s this year going to spring on us? More of the same or a whole of change?

Whatever changes are heading our way, it’s good to plant the seed for this New Year to work on getting things moving in a positive direction and live life better, fairer, calmer, less stressful and - dare to hope – happier.

Whatever is going to unfold this year, once thing is for sure – there is going to be a lot more talk around mindfulness and how we take more care of ourselves from the inside out. Articles on the new hot topic of mindfulness are everywhere in the media. It’s taking off fast and there is not a better way to start the year than to get geared up for some focus on life goals and smart changes.

In 2014 for sure we’ll be seeing a lot more on resources on how we can feel better, how we can manage our thinking better and why mindfulness is essential in our fast expanding techie world.

An exciting space is opening up online with lots of new apps, sites, articles and resources to help us get more connected to ourselves.

Here are some of the places I love most online to get inspired and happier.

Action for Happiness - A movement for positive social change and posts all sorts of resources around getting happier and creating positive communities. The aim is to bring people from all walks of life together to make things happen and create positive change in the world. There are some great resources for ways to increase your emotional intelligence, get happier and to get involved with educational ideas, talks and cool projects. I love these people and get involved with a lot of their talks and events.

Hemsley and Hemsley - If you believe you are what you eat, and who you are matters, then head to this site. These are my most favourite foodie people on the planet and they have got something really special going on with wholesome nutrition.

They lead you by the hand and take you on a journey of amazing recipes that are free of grain, gluten, high starch and refined sugars. It’s organic, nourishing food for the soul. Food style is so important in the mix for our wellbeing and for sure is on most people’s New Year’s list to upgrade.

These are the Hemsley sisters. They look amazing and their recipes are special. They are incredibly lovely people who I work with a lot. If you like to eat wholefood, high vibration food, you’ll love it.

Abraham Hicks - I get a daily quote from Abraham Hicks and it’s a great way to start the day with a focus on the big picture and a dose of inspired thinking. Makes all the little things move into perspective. I’ve had this sent to mail box every day for years and I still love reading it every morning.

David Lynch Foundation - I am a big fan of David Lynch. He’s one of my favourite people on the planet. The David Lynch Foundation is doing incredible work around the world. The aim is to get TM meditation know-how out to everyone and anyone who needs it – especially to those who need it most. This is a great resource of information and inspiring talks by people who have been powerfully affected by meditation. I love this site and stop by regularly to look at the stories there. I also do a lot of work for the Foundation - it’s a very valuable resource for the world supported by many famous names.

Earth Porn – Mother Nature - I have a mixed love affair with social media. I love the ease with which we can swop ideas and information with a lot of people very quickly but often it’s hard to filter the good information from the massive pile on offer. If I could have only one desert island FB page to look at, it would be this one.

Earth Porn is an extraordinary collection of breathtaking images of that natural world. A memory jog about the big picture we are part of and a reminder of the beauty of the world that we live in. This Facebook site is a constant wow.

Huffington Post - I’ve not been a consumer of traditional mainstream news media for quite a few years. I find it negative, biased and missing the point of what’s important to focus on right now.

The Huffington Post is still leading the way with consistently interesting stories on news, health, relationships, social patterns, nutrition, mental health and reports on some amazing new findings and research happening across the world. A great place to dip into and see what’s going on. I love it and find really great articles here.

My Favourite App... Wunderlist - I love having a list to keep organised and keep my brain free of too much detail – I list things I need to remember, a to-do list, food shopping and a few goals and intentions. This is a nifty app I use every day. It takes care of my lists all in one space.

Favourite video of now: Happy – Pharrell Williams - This makes me sing, dance and get happy every time hear it. Here’s a fast way to feel happy instantly this New Year. Press play, keep it loud and dance. Everything else can wait.

Wishing you a wonderful 2014 with plenty of singing, dancing and getting happy.

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2 January 2014