Meet the man behind Taylor Swift’s website. We quiz internet giant Stuart Watkins, founder of Devstars, the award-winning web design agency.

At The Good Web Guide, we get excited by inspired web design. So, it gives us great joy to introduce you to Stuart Watkins, founder of Devstars, the award-winning web design agency. For over 20 years, Stuart has been creating and developing web-based platforms for clients as diverse as Nokia, Timberland, Taylor Swift and MTV. Devstars is the principle architect of G4S Global Intelligence system used to monitor security threats and provide travellers with geofenced alerts worldwide. Here, Stuart talks us through his web picks.

My favourite website... YouTube - Not that I view it as a website anymore. I'm a big fan of GCN (Global Cycling Network), which is like a Top Gear for cycling, and comedy channels like SNL (Saturday Night Live), John Oliver and Stephen Colbert.

My favourite app... Pocket - I love storing all the articles that I don't have time to read in the day. It also helps minimise distractions when something interesting hits your inbox.

My blog of choice... BikeSnobNYC - He's always amusing and offers a very distinct slant on sport and transport.

My internet hero... Dmitry Romanovsky - He is one of my business partners and technical director at Devstars. He is the guy that makes the magic happen.

My most recent buy online... Jabra Bluetooth Headphones - We use Skype a lot so having a decent hands-free kit is a must.

Book I've just ordered - This is a little embarrassing. I'm a secret twitcher and have just pre-ordered Bill Bailey's ‘Remarkable Guide to British Birds.

Favourite tweeter… @OwenJones84 - He is a great British journalist.

Favourite instagrammer... I follow just friends on Instagram but I do love the blog There, I Fixed It for crazy photos.

Social media allowed me to meet... my other half - We met through our local cycling Club Richmond Park Rouleurs on Meetup.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... Popbitch - Because it's important to have all the facts.

Stand out online memory... Webcasting the band Supergrass from the Astoria in London back in 1998. We used a combination of CU-SeeMe (an early video chat platform developed by Cornell University) and RealAudio. I think it may have been one of the first live webcasts of a concert here in the UK.

Pet hate about life online... Spending too long sitting in front of screens. I'm trying to make sure I'm out seeing clients more and starting to use voice to text and commands.

iPhone or Android... iPhone since the 4. I currently have the 6 plus; I wish it was smaller and more pocket friendly but I don't think I'd be able to deal with losing the screen real estate now.

November 2016