Stephen Rapoport of Pact Coffee, the subscription service that delivers freshly roasted coffee in the post, picks some favourite sites.

Stephen Rapoport is the founder of Pact Coffee, the online startup that stops you from running out of coffee you love. Pact imports, roasts and grinds speciality coffee, and then delivers it through your letterbox. Set up as a completely flexible subscription via its website, they will send you coffee as and when you need it, guaranteed roasted within the last seven days so it tastes its very best. The company is only two years old but has already picked up thousands of customers across the country and over £2.5million of venture capital backing. It was reported in The Sunday Times this weekend that Pact is currently looking for more investment to grow the business.


Medium - One of my most visited websites when I’m looking for downtime. Just fantastic, thoughtfully written content. I tend to avoid any kind of current affairs or news (with the exception of business) and I find Medium always manages to provide something insightful and interesting to read.

Twitter - The best place for me to get a realtime view of what people think about Pact. I read our full Twitter stream every single day, once in the morning and may be twice more during the day.

CoffeeHit - A fantastic place to buy coffee gear. Excellent for the budding at-home baristas. It is far too easy to part with your cash on this site!

London Fixed Gear and Single-Speed - A great place for cycling fanatics to get together and geek out about all things cycling. It has a really engaged community, organising rides, offering advice and that kind of thing.

BBC Good Food - I probably visit it three or four times a week for recipes and I use it to think about what to make for dinner. It has led to my large collection of recipe books gathering dust and I’ve now got an iPad on a stand in the kitchen for this very purpose.

Nudge - For me they have some of the the most relevant content about what’s going on in London and it is a fantastic place to find out about interesting new venues and restaurants that I wouldn’t ordinarily have found or tried.

Favourite App - We have an app for Pact customers that I love. It that acts like a panic button (iOS only at present) and you just hit it before 1pm if you want your coffee to arrive the next morning. A wonderfully simple solution to the frustration of running out of coffee at home. CityMapper is another one that I find completely invaluable and it is on regular use on my phone.

To try out a bag of Pact Coffee for £1.95 (normal price £6.95), just visit the website and use the code goodwebguide when signing up.

28 January 2015