Stefan Porter, founder of Market Porter, the site championing great produce from British farmers, shares his favourite sites.

Stefan Porter is a food technology entrepreneur and the founder of Born into a gastro-family of hotelkeepers, Stefan had food and drink in his blood from an early age. After graduating with a languages degree from the University of Cambridge, he went on to run a supermarket buying division with Lidl in the UK. Craving involvement with ‘real’ food producers and artisans, Stefan founded his own company, Market Porter in 2014 to help bring the best British food directly from independent producers to customers’ front doors.

Wikipedia – Whether bottomless reading or a quick fact check, I think Wikipedia is one of the greatest victories of the internet. It has an efficient search function for a wealth of information and it’s a fantastic port in a storm when you want to know something quickly. I love the fact it’s not focussed on looking pretty, but gets the job done.

Market Porter – A matter of pride, I suppose. I love our website, partly because it’s been a dream for a long time, but also because it puts our product and suppliers at is heart – it looks beautiful, it’s the antithesis of the supermarket and has won acclaim for being simple to use.

Soleshare – This site, for me, encapsulates everything that’s great about food – in this case fresh fish. It perfectly depicts seasonality, natural variation and the hard work that goes into bringing great fish to the table. Its “tumblr” style navigation is image rich and easy to navigate.

Google Analytics – For an e-commerce business owner, GA is a must. The real time reporting is far too addictive, I warn you. The conclusions that can be gleaned quickly from a raft of data are incredible, and the print ready graphs and reports are an ideal way to guide strategic decision making in a meeting away from computer screens.

Trello – A green, efficient and simple way to manage to-do lists. When spinning lots of plates, it’s a useful way to keep on top of things – and has a handy phone app too. Be careful though – shared Trello boards often result in colleagues adding things to your to-do list!

Mary Berry – An odd choice, may be, but I always felt this site was so brilliantly pitched to its audience. When helping my Nan get to grips with her iPad, it was the first thing she wanted to look at. It struck me that the site conforms to many simple, but effective, early content site norms – easy drop downs, pastel colours and uncomplicated indexing. It does not require excessive scrolling or zooming and has a great library of Mary’s fail-safe recipes.

Favourite App... London Bus Live Countdown – A nerdy choice, perhaps, but certainly a revelation and a revolution for my travel. I love London busses, they’re a regular and trustworthy for getting from A to B in London. Now though, thanks to this user-friendly and simple app, I can enjoy my morning coffee with my wife for a little bit longer – we can time when we leave our house and never have to wait more than a minute for a bus.

July 2016