The Editor of, the lifestyle destination delivering non-stop inspiration, shares her favourite online haunts.

Sarah Raphael is the Editor of, the first international edition of Refinery29, a digital lifestyle media company for an independent-minded audience of over 100 million monthly visitors. She was previously Acting Editor of British style magazine i-D, part of Vice Media Group. She has written for numerous publications and websites including Vice, The Guardian, and The British Photography Journal. Sarah has been a guest on Radio 4’s Today Programme, lectured at the London College of Fashion and worked with some of the best editors, journalists and photographers in the world. was recently shortlisted for Digital Launch Of The Year at the British Media Awards.

My Favourite Website... - Because I think I’ve got one of the wisest, funniest editorial teams there ever was and ever will be. Generally though, I don’t have favourite websites because I spend so much time – about 90% of my awake time – reading, looking and listening to websites that it’s like asking “What’s your favourite moment in time?” or “What’s your favourite scene from life?”

My Favourite App... Headspace, the mindfulness one - This is good if you have the time for it. I’m trying out Peak which is supposed to “get your brain going with a workout” through a series of memory exercises. I fully love the Nike running app because sometimes at the end, Ellie Goulding congratulates me on my time, which is inexplicably nice. And I think Bizzby is excellent, providing cleaners, plumbers, gardeners – even posh boys who’ll carry your sofa down four flights of stairs, at a moment’s notice.

My Internet/Tech Hero... probably is, unoriginally, Mark Zuckerberg - He changed the world. I’ve fallen in love on Facebook chat, convinced other people to fall in love with me on Facebook chat, got dream jobs more or less from it, found long-lost friends and family members, been shocked, terrified, and ultimately entertained.

My Most Recent Buy Online... Leonardo DiCaprio/ Kate Winslet hoodie by Vetements from Dover Street Market - It has an original Titanic poster image printed on the front, and a joke reading “Coming Soon” on the sleeve. Get it? I bought it on a whim on Saturday because I like Vetements, and then read that it sold out after Leo won the Oscar on Sunday.

Book I've Just Downloaded... Levels of Life by Julian Barnes - It was so moving that I wrote him a letter – which I must remember to send. Maybe I can hire someone on Bizzby to post it for me.

My Favourite Tweeter... @Wwm_Shakespeare - It’s someone who posts lines from Shakespeare, that include: “’Tis well blown, lads” and “[Exit fool]”.

My Favourite Instagrammers include ... @FuckJerry because it’s funny, @earthpix because it’s beautiful and @puppyofday because I’m a loser.

My Pet Hate About Life Online... muscle spasms When I’ve been typing on my phone so intensely that my thumb starts moving uncontrollably or when I’ve been typing so fast on my desktop that my forearm starts shaking. In short: its power over us.

Social Media Allowed Me to Meet... my real parents - They started a joint Twitter account and were so exceptionally weird on it that I haven’t seen them in the same way since.

My Stand Out Online Memory... When Patrick Stewart “patched in” with some wet wipes on Twitter, mocking David Cameron’s tweet about being on a call with Obama.

30 March 2016