Rory O'Grady, founder of The World Weekly, international news platform, shares some favourite websites.

Rory O'Grady is the founder of The World Weekly, an international news platform that is designed to help its readers get a clear and accurate understanding of the most significant events shaping our planet every week. Check out the free iOS App or Android App.


The Intercept - Co-founded by the same person that helped responsibly make sense of the NSA/Snowden files (Glenn Greenwald), this innovative news site is fast establishing itself as a major point of call for whistleblowers around the world. If you are interested in investigative journalism and unraveling state secrets this is a site for you.

newsmap - This smart new take on news aggregation enables you to quickly see what are the biggest stories in each region of the world. It uses tree-mapping technology to show how many different sources have covered the subject and thus how important it may be (for the press at least).

SmartNews - This news aggregator has quite literally taken the world by storm and it is fast becoming one of the most used tools with over 10m users. It brings together articles from many sources across all major segments and it can be read offline using their smart cashing tech. I also like the fact that it is, like Newsmap, a Japanese made product which goes to show that US companies no longer have a monopoly in the field of web aggregation.

AWWWards - If you are a web design buff, this site if for you. This very smart community driven platform features a daily selection of some of the best digital products out there. The projects are expertly selected and noted by a global community of alternating industry experts that select what they believe to be the most beautiful and forward thinking website of the day. It's a great way of staying up to date with design trends and the latest in web technology.

Favourite App... SkyScanner - As a regular flyer, this app is my life saver. May it be for a trip from London to New York or Tacloban to Manilla, this is the best way of finding cheap and convening flights at all times, around the globe. It works like a news aggregators that helps you filter out the best flights for you.

October 2015