Richard Hammond of Greentraveller, the award-winning holiday website, shares his favourite sites.

Richard Hammond is founder and chief executive of Greentraveller, one of The Good Web Guide’s top sites for booking a summer holiday, winner of a British Travel Press Travel Editors’ Green Award, and one of Expedia's Top 30 Blogs.

Greentraveller helps holidaymakers make informed choices about how to enjoy greener holidays. It promotes trips in the UK and Europe that are run by specialist tour operators and are reachable by train and/or foot passenger ferry, as well as holidays further afield that benefit biodiversity conservation and local communities. The website is run by the Greentraveller Media Group, which also produces high definition videos and online visitor guides promoting sustainable travel and tourism.

RICHARD'S FAVOURITE SITES – An inspiring guide to travelling by train anywhere in the world. Run by rail guru Mark Smith, it provides incredible detail on the complexities and intricacies of booking train travel, including tips on how to find and book the best tickets via the myriad of ticketing agencies worldwide. Given the recent demise of sleeper rail services in Europe, it’s especially useful if you’re planning multi-stage journeys across international borders.

traintaxi – Not the prettiest site but it’s an extremely practical tool for finding taxi or cab services at every railway station in Britain (as well as metro, tram and underground stations) to help you plan that final leg following a rail journey, especially useful in remote rural areas where local bus services are limited. The tool shows whether each station has a taxi rank or cab office and lists up to three local taxi or cab firms that are considered the most suitable to serve each station. It also indicates all those that are believed to offer wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

WeatherPro – As a video production company, I need to get a reliable forecast several days in advance of filming so that I can plan transport, equipment and logistics. I’ve found Weather Pro to be easy to use and extremely reliable, even in some of the most remote parts of Europe, and in the UK, it’s a great supplementary source to the Met Office.

Natural Navigator – Run by Tristan Gooley, author and ‘natural navigator’, the website is an introduction to how he uses the sun, moon and stars to find his way but also how to predict the weather using other clues from the natural world, including plants, animals and even ocean waves.

Born Wild – One to watch... a lovely community-centric website based in Colorado. It showcases an outdoor adventure documentary film series that aims to empower families to raise children who are connected to wildlife and wild spaces.

August 2016