Reshma Sohoni of Seedcamp, the investment fund that supports startups from prototype to IPO, shares some favourite sites.

Reshma Sohoni is partner and co-founder of Seedcamp, Europe's leading early-stage investment fund that helps take startups from prototype to IPO. Originally from New York, she moved to Europe in 2002 and later set up Seedcamp to help grow Europe's startup scene.


Transferwise - As someone who transfers money across borders relatively often, Transferwise is a breath of fresh air. It saves so much time compared to the competition and is much cheaper too.

Homeshift - Moving house is a pain and managing the process can be a logistical nightmare. For a website to manage everything from organising an energy supplier to finding the right lawyer is quite amazing!

Mattermark - This is a great tool for investors to research the potential of growing startups. It's one of the key tools I use to help assess the viability of a potential deal.

Twitter - It's fantastic to see the startup community use Twitter as much as they do; from investors to startups, everyone's there.

Spotify - This one probably needs no introduction, but I just love being able to access my music collection across any device!

CityMapper - A lot of people don't realise CityMapper has life beyond its app. The website has the same functionality and has a much cleaner interface than Google Maps.

Seedcamp's blog - Call me biased, but I think Seedcamp's blog is one of the best resources available for startups. Featuring guest articles by the industry's most experienced names - from marketing to sales to legal - there's a wealth of information for startups to learn from.

Favourite app... Replay - This app is super slick and helps you create awesome videos on-the-go. It has some cool features that bring video and photos to life so I use it to create fun mementos of days out with the family.

22 October 2014