Paul Trueman, Head of Social for Bray Leino, gives us an insight into his life online.

Paul Trueman is Head of Social at the missiontm Agency Bray Leino. the missiontm is a marketing communications and advertising group and headline sponsor of this year's GWG Website of the Year Awards. Paul has spent the last ten years in marketing and corporate communications, with the last five years specialising in digital and social content at Bray Leino. Paul’s disciplines span strategic comms, copywriting, social media creative and strategy, internal comms and digital marketing.

My favourite website... I’m going to plump for the great Wait but Why site which I stumbled upon about a year ago. It’s run by two friends who love to really dig into topics that interest them. It’s funded by fans via Patreon and explores everything from historical figures to science theories to pop culture. Imagine In Our Time, but with fewer professors and more words and pictures. If you like longform content you’ll love this.

My favourite app... I’ve managed to score a ticket to the best festival in the world this summer so at the moment my absolute favourite is the brand-new Glastonbury app. It has full listings on there for the dozens of stages, lets you pick your must-watches and hooks up to your friends’ profiles. Works a treat at my desk, I hope it’s as good in a field in Somerset.

My favourite blog... It’s part blog, part podcast, but my absolute favourite at the moment is the West Wing Weekly. It’s essential listening as Joshua Malina and Hrishi Hirway podcast their way through one episode at a time of The Greatest Telly Show Ever Made. In an age of binge watching it encourages ‘slow telly’: you just need to watch 42 mins a week then tune into Josh and Hrishi.

My web/tech hero... I am an embarrassingly-huge Elon Musk worshipper. I love the vast scale of his ambition, his chops to be able to pull it all off, and above all I really, really, really want a Tesla S series. If you’ve no idea who I’m talking about then a) shame on you and b) let the excellent Wait but Why site explain it for you in great, wondrous length.

My most recent buy online... Just last week I Amazon Primed myself and my kids a treat in the shape of the fantastic Exploding Kittens game from Matthew Inman at Oatmeal. It’s a very funny, completely non-lethal card version of Russian Roulette, which we spent much of the weekend playing. Also? If you’ve not read The Oatmeal now’s your chance.

Book I’ve just read... I’m a recent and total convert to the Kindle. It’s got me reading more books than ever, including the brilliant Sapiens by the insanely clever Yuval Noah Harari. It covers millions of years of us - homo sapiens - and how we ended up the dominant species and it makes your brain hurt - in a good way.

My favourite Tweeter... I’m a huge fan of Twitter (@paultrueman74, come say hello) and recently helped raise a lot of money for the amazing Refuge charity, all thanks the aid of brilliant people on Twitter like @TheMichaelMoran who made a merchandising range happen seemingly overnight thanks to the fantastic people at Cotton Roots. When he’s not being a fundraising guardian angel, he’s a very funny, perceptive writer who will make your Twitter a better place.

My favourite Instagrammer... - In a world of disposable photography, I turn to the pros at @magnumphotos. The world’s most legendary photography collective, I’ve been a fan of their work for years and they’ve produced some of the world’s most famous work. I’d love to know what my photography hero Robert Capa would make of Instagram. I think he’d like it a lot.

My pet hate about online life... People who say they ‘don’t really get’ Twitter. That it’s boring. And then you talk to them about it for a few minutes and it turns out they only follow twelve people, four of whom are their own family. And yet somehow this utter lack of curiosity is Twitter’s fault, not theirs. Yes, Twitter can be a bit arcane to begin with but you get to follow astronauts and all manner of amazing people on there. I’ll say it again: ASTRONAUTS. Come on people – what’s not to love?

Social media allowed me to meet... Getting to spend the day with the team at Refuge and the writer Helen Walmsley-Johnson, all because my social-based fundraising for them (off the back of an Archers' storyline) had gone viral and they wanted to say thank you. Helen had written an article in the New Statesman that had given me the idea for the fundraising and it was a great treat to meet her and the very impressive team at Refuge.

Best newsletter... Genius Steals - I would heartily recommend the weekly email from Rosie and Faris, a very clever, funny, generous pair of digital creative types who are working their way round the world. It's packed full of interesting stuff about advertising, culture and everything else.

iphone or Android... I made the switch to Android about two years ago and I can’t see myself moving back any time soon. For one thing I think I’ve become allergic to iTunes.

June 2016