Nikki Tinto of award-winning boutique hotel & travel site, i-escape, gives us an insight into her life online.

Nikki Tinto is co-founder of the award-winning boutique hotel and travel site, Loved for its beautiful imagery, honest reviews (that list what's good and bad about each property) and cool thank you gifts for booking through the site, this hand-picked collection of boutique hotels, villas and B&Bs has become the first port of call for travellers looking for a hip hideaway.

Laila and her best friend Nikki Tinto first launched in 2001, with hotels they had discovered during their travels together. It has since grown to over 1,500 amazing places to stay across the world, including a unique family-friendly collection, and has a bespoke booking service.

My Favourite Website... - I am biased, obviously, but I am so proud of what we have done with the site, and the feedback we get from our users is phenomenal. We have always held true to the belief that if we give completely honest reviews and only feature hotels that we really love, other people will love it too.

My Favourite App... Skype - As I travel a lot and often work from home, it’s the best way for me to stay in contact with the rest of the i-escape team and keep abreast of everything that’s going on.

My Favourite Blog... Green Kitchen Stories - I love how inventive their vegetarian recipes are and they always taste divine. I once made their frozen pink cheesecake for an i-escape birthday and it went down a storm! The photography is beautiful too - you can really tell that David is a magazine art director.

My Most Recent Buy Online... - I bought these ingenious bags that self-vacuum pack clothes so you can get more into your suitcase. Brilliant for travelling!

My Favourite Tweeter... @HonestlyHealthy - I’m a huge fan of their fridge fills and they tweet lots of handy little tips and great new recipes for me to try.

My Pet Hate About Life Online... It zaps so much of my time - browsing can be very addictive! I also spend a lot of time researching new special places to stay for i-escape, so it can sometimes be quite tortuous looking at amazing hotels while I’m just sat in my office all day!

Social Media Allowed Me to Meet... - A lot of my own staff, actually. It’s an absolutely brilliant tool for connecting our company with passionate people who really get the brand. A lot of our team heard about their roles through our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

My Stand Out Online Memory... launching our new ‘With Kids’ family-friendly collection was really exciting. After having our daughter Poppy, what we wanted from our holidays changed, but we knew that becoming a parent didn’t have to mean forgoing the chic factor, so we set out to prove it.

Most Worthwhile Newsletter... Rockett St George - I love the stylish and quirky interiors site Rocket St.George and the Hot List they send out each month highlights cool things to do, see, eat and listen to in the UK.

19 February 2014