Nick Telson of DesignMyNight, the UK's fastest growing nightlife discovery & booking platform, gives an insight into his life online.

DesignMyNight is the UK's fastest growing nightlife discovery and booking platform as well as a B2B tech solution powering the industries booking and ticketing needs. Launched in 2011, DesignMyNight receives over 3.5 million monthly views, has over 200,000 active users on its database, 50,000 app downloads and powers over 2,000 clients with its tech solutions.

Founded by Nick Telson and Andrew Webster, best friends from university, after a boozy night out in New York when they realised that London needed a user-friendly and accurate discovery site to unlock the cities nightlife. They both had corporate jobs at the time but its quick traction encouraged them to make the leap of faith just two months after going live.

Very quickly they saw that discovery alone was not a viable business so added the element of enquiring into bars from the site. The concept four years ago was a novel one. Why book into a bar? But they soon saw that the user appetite was there and showed the industry it was the way forward. Twelve months after taking bookings, they saw that the bar industry had no booking system that suited their very specific needs and were using restaurant systems, like Opentable, or good old pen/paper. They therefore spent a year creating Collins and twenty months later have over 800 sites using it including huge groups like Fullers and Youngs, as well as the best independents in the country.

At the same time, they spotted the need for a ticketing software that could legitimately offer free exposure for the event organisers. Again there were lots out there but really only offered the tech. They had millions coming to DMN to see what to do so it was the logical next step. Their ticket solution has also boomed, now selling 10,000s tickets a month to everything from the latest pop-ups to comedy nights.

Here Nick gives us an insight into his life online.

My Favourite Website... If I take DesignMyNight out the mix, of course, without doubt I really admire Airbnb. It is a concept that has taken an under-serviced industry and brought obvious benefits to both their users and the property owners; something we are trying to do in the bar industry. It is also beautifully designed with great UX, that we look at for inspiration on a regular basis.

My Favourite App... This changes regularly but at the moment it is Headspace. As a busy business owner it is really important to take some time to yourself and re-focus and this app is a great way to help me do this.

My Favourite Blog... A Lady in London - It's a very well written, aesthetically pleasing blog to have a read of. You can tell everything is written with care and passion.

My Internet/Tech Hero... Steve Jobs - It’s very cliché but without doubt it is Steve Jobs. For me he is the most influential person of our modern generation and I hugely admire is vision and creative spirit. So much so that in our office I have his biography and my team cut out a picture of my face and stuck it on the cover…!

My Most Recent Buy Online... I just bought my first subscription of vitamins from Vitl. It looks like the Graze for vitamins and I’m trying to live a bit healthier at the moment!

Book I've Just Read... Zero to One - I have just finished this book by Peter Thiel who is one of the founders of Paypal. It’s a very insightful book about building a great business. I actually just bought a some copies for my sales team to read too.

My Favourite Tweeter... Apart from our team at @DesignMyNight, I love Accidental Partridge. They find tweets and articles that are very Alan Partridge-esque. It’s hilarious.

My Favourite Instagrammer... Instagram should be about beautiful aesthetics (and I love food) so it has to be Symmetry Breakfast. It will blow your mind.

My Pet Hate About Life Online....Narcissism - Without sounding like a moaning old person (I’m only 31), I think we are all getting a bit consumed about what will look good on Facebook/Instagram to get likes rather than actually looking and enjoying where we are.

Most Worthwhile Newsletter Subscribed To... Product Hunt - It highlights the best new tech across the globe and is a daily source of inspiration for my teams and me. We were delighted to have got our booking software Collins featured a month ago – probably the proudest moment for our tech team!

iPhone or Android... iPhone. I had a brief affair with an HTC for a year but came back cap in hand to my iPhone begging for forgiveness.

25 May 2016