Naren Shaam of GoEuro, the platform comparing train, bus, flight, car options throughout Europe, gives an insight into his life online.

Naren Shaam is the founder and CEO of GoEuro. Born in India and educated in the US, Naren decided to backpack around Europe after graduating from Harvard. During his travels he discovered that Europe has some of the best transport infrastructure in the world, yet he lacked the local knowledge of where to search for the best train and coach ticket prices. It was during this trip that he came up with the idea of GoEuro. However, the idea seemed too good to be true. He decided that if in a few years no one had built a one-stop-shop for flights, coach and rail tickets... he would. Two years later, Naren moved to Berlin and armed with his scribbled design of the GoEuro homepage (he still has the original sketch).

Today, Naren employs over 150 people and GoEuro offers transport options across thirteen countries in Europe.

My Favorite Website... Is it bias to say GoEuro? - From my original scribbled-down idea to watching it come to fruition has been one of the best experiences of my life.

We should move to mobile, the whole world is: Google Maps, WeChat,

My Favorite App... Uber - So simple and easy to use!

My Favorite Blog... I read many blogs, none that stand out as a favourite though.

My Internet/Tech Hero... Mark Zuckerberg - He is a true visionary of our time.

My Most Recent Buy Online... I purchased my flights to Barcelona from Berlin for work, and a bit of a holiday. Searched for it through GoEuro of course.

Book I've Just Downloaded/Read... History of the World - By Andrew Marr.

My Favourite Tweeter... I don't tweet. Yes, boring.

My Favorite Instagrammer... The Economist

My Pet Hate About Life Online... Online equals being on mobile for me. I still don't understand why we need to go through the friction of downloading an app (via an app store) to experience a product. This is the same with payments online.

My Stand Out Online Memory... - Every time I need to buy a train ticket and 3G network is too slow, slower than the line in front of the Kiosk at the station.

Most Worthwhile Newsletter Subscribed To... Tnooz - For travel companies.

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1 June 2016