Three key players from The Mission Marketing Group plc share some favourite sites with us.

the mission tm, headline sponsor of The GWG Website of the Year Awards 2016, is a marketing communications and advertising group with 24 offices across the UK, San Francisco and Asia.

the mission tm employs over 950 staff and is listed on AIM (TMMG). The Group specialises in providing national and international Clients with award winning marketing, advertising and business communications. Group members include April Six, bigdog, Bray Leino, Chapter, Mongoose, Proof, RLA, Robson Brown, Solaris, Speed, Splash, Story and ThinkBDW.

David Morgan, Chairman, said, "the mission tm are again delighted to sponsor The Good Web Guide Awards for 2016. These awards showcase digital innovation and celebrate smart functionality, great design and engaging user experiences of some of the countries’ best websites. The Mission Marketing Group prides itself on supporting our Clients’ brands in maximising their presence across all digital channels, so it’s only natural we’d want to continue to support the success of the Good Web Guide Awards."


JOHN REAY, Principal Planner, Bray Leino Yucca

Open Strategy - A very simple directory of free resources for the planning and strategy community, run by the community. It features the latest consumer research, some pretty useful tools, templates and training material, as well as some industry people worth following on Twitter. Sign in, and you can store favourites, add to the directory and get regular updates to your inbox. It might not do our jobs for us, but certainly makes it easier.

If This, Then That - IFTTT provides the magic glue that gets digital services talking to each other. Use existing ‘recipes’ or create new ones to do things like save Facebook photos you’re tagged in to your phone or start brewing coffee when your FitBit registers you’re awake. Even Tesco has created its own channel on IFTTT this year so you can add salmon to your basket when it’s on offer or add burgers when the weekend weather is looking good.

HAYLEY SALISBURY, Managing Consultant, bigdog

Virgin America - A firm favourite, this site continues to be a shining example of brilliant responsive design and is one of my go-to sites for referencing UX best practice. I love its innovative functional design making the most of small screen space. It’s also incredibly quick and intuitive to use. For a site that uses no (or very little) photography, you’d think it might be a little flat and boring, but they’ve injected personality through the use of fun iconography and humorous copy.

Nike - This is one of my favourite retail sites because of its clean design, enjoyable buying experience, and my slight addiction to buying trainers! The design is simple with nice functionality, which makes it easy to view and filter the product range. There is a great range of product imagery which allows you to view your trainers from every possible angle! I also love the customise tool, which is highly interactive, visual and far too persuasive!

CHARLIE CUTLER, Digital Director, The Weather (part of Story)

Skyscanner - I've used Skyscanner for a number of years. I have friends and family spread over several countries, I had to construct spreadsheets in the past to figure the best / cheapest way to get to a location, often looking at many airlines' websites in the process. Now I simply select my location, destination and date and it does all the work for me.

Hotjar - Understanding how people engage with your website and learning from that insight ensures we deliver an effective digital solution. While Google Analytics is great at helping us understand which parts of the website people touch, it gives us a lot less insight on exactly how they engage with those pages. Hotjar gives us that and more. We get Heatmaps (which show us which parts of the page people engage with), user session recordings (so we can follow the behaviour of a specific user), form analysis, feedback polls, surveys and user testing recruitment.

June 2016