Max Henderson and Nick Higgins, founders of Hotpod Yoga, the innovative yoga business, share some favourite online haunts.

Hotpod Yoga is an innovative yoga business which offers highly accessibly hot yoga inside its cocoon-like, custom built pods. Along with having studios in Notting Hill and Brixton (and having the ability to pop up pretty much anywhere) they have also just launched their Hackney HQ. These Vinyasa Yoga classes in inflatable, heated studios provide an intensive and balanced physical workout, restoring calm and clarity to the mind in the soothing, cocoon-like pods. 37°c heat warms the muscles and aids flexibility as well as making the heart work harder. Clients include Quintessentially, Harrods, Linkedin, Coco-Cola, Christies and Sky. Its founders, Max Henderson and Nick Higgins, are an interesting duo.

Max Henderson started London life as a strategy consultant, working with multinational corporations to improve the sustainability of their operations. Always an entrepreneur at heart, it was an easy leap to make when Hotpod Yoga began to take shape. With a late-blossoming love for yoga and a stint at London Business School under his belt, Max acts as Managing Director (client relations, sales, PR, press, finance and all that).

After a brief stint as a TV presenter, Nick Higgins spent two years working as a school teacher while training to be a full-time yoga instructor. Following teacher training at leading studio Yoga Haven in Morocco and Clapham, he began working at their hot studios in London. Combining the pedagogical approach with a fresh eye for business, he now acts as Operations Director (yoga, logistics, bookings, instructors etc).

Here Max and Nick share some favourite online haunts.

Headspace - We both are big Headspace fans. It's meditation made accessible, down-to-earth and functional. It's a life-saver for someone with a fast-paced life. Its app is superb - lovely animation, great functionality and seemingly endless content.

Hotpod Yoga - Of course! The app is the best way to book our classes on the move. We are continually trying to improve the customer experience and make it as easy as possible for our HPY-goers to book in.

Soundcloud - Our go-to location for finding new music. We're constantly on the look out for the lesser-known artists that fit the vibe of the playlists for our classes and Soundcloud has those in abundance.

Freeletics- A free body weight-training app that is really fantastic, it means we can train anytime / anywhere and it can be customised for the goals you wish to achieve. Freeletics is a really nice compliment and contrast to our classes - and it's tough!

Nike + - Nike+ Running is just great - it's simple but so effective. It's nice to be able to track progress, sync with tunes that fit the mood and compare with others (a little healthy competition is good once in a while).

October 2015