Kedge Martin, CEO & founder of Longbow NXG & Longbow Future, advising families and individuals on managing significant wealth, shares her favourites.

Kedge Martin is CEO and Founder of Longbow NXG, working with individuals and families to help them manage the responsibilities and opportunities of significant wealth and Longbow Future, helping people in transition.

Prior to founding Longbow, Kedge was CEO of Sentebale, Prince Harry’s international development charity, working with HRH in the UK and internationally and was a founder member of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry’s Charities Forum.

Kedge created the children’s charity WellChild (out of the UK’s first paediatric research charity founded in 1977 - formerly known as Children Nationwide Medical Research Fund). She expanded upon the original purpose of research into care and support, developing the WellChild Children’s Nurses and volunteer ‘Helping Hands’ programmes as well as campaigning for positive changes in healthcare for chronically sick children.

Her commercial and political experience includes setting up a business in Poland in 1991 shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union and communism and as a political lobbyist and researcher to a Member of the European Parliament MEP in the late 1980s.

Kedge’s voluntary activities have included terms as a primary and then secondary school governor, trustee of a small African charity, advisor to the Samaritans and volunteer mentor.


Mindvalley - An education technology company that promotes life-long learning and personal spiritual development. Its speakers and content range from mindfulness, parenting, happiness, resilience all with the aim of ‘empowering our audience to live healthier and happier lives, to unleash their fullest potential’. What could be more important?

The Spectator - I like this not only for its variety of content and opinions, including podcasts, but the site has a really good layout which appeals, so is a joy to scroll through

ACE Africa - I am passionate about Africa and see so much potential in that continent and of course have a deep compassion for the children, so many of whom are orphaned. What I love about ACE Africa is its robust, sustainable programmes which range from teaching children life skills, to training and helping adults set up small businesses.

Skyscanner - I love to travel. Learning new cultures, taking on challenges (eg climbing Kilimanjaro), as well as simply having regular short (blue sky and vitamin D) boosts. Skyscanner helps with the first sweep of which airline is providing the best value flights, particularly for short breaks.

Brain Pickings - This is an inspirational and engaging website set up by Maria Popova, a Bulgarian (now living in New York) who blogs on an eclectic mix of culture, books and ideas. I receive the weekly newsletter on Sunday and try to put some time every Sunday evening to flick through.

Favourite App... Citymapper - I both love and loathe this app; it has become a complete crutch for finding out the best options as well as the practical directions of how to get to where I’m going, but has also undermined my ability to read and memorise a map which is how I always used to find out where we needed to go and then could guestimate the time it would take! I fear with such apps and other Sat Nav, our in-built sense of direction is being eroded, not to mention my brain becoming lazy!

July 2016