James Carter, co-founder of innovative recipe kit service, Gousto, shares his favourite websites.

James Carter is the co-founder and CMO of innovative recipe kit service Gousto, which he started together with Timo Schmidt (CEO) in 2012. Gousto has grown 460% in the last year and is taking the rapidly emerging 'recipe box' delivery market by storm. Operating a weekly rolling service, Gousto aims to provide people with a moment of solace in one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities there is, cooking. Gousto delivers everything you need to enjoy cooking healthy, delicious meals with ease. No waste, faff or hunting for ingredients; the perfect antidote to a hectic lifestyle.

Other than www.gousto.co.uk of course!

YouTube - Whether it is an inspiring speech by Elon Musk or discovering a nifty new technique for cutting onions, YouTube is where the action is. It has such a wealth of content that I probably frequent it more than any other website.

Business Insider - They always have a good mix of fresh and interesting stories across business, economics, tech and strategy, as well as fascinating pieces on leading business personalities. I read the top stories on the way into work every morning.

BBC Goodfood - Of course most of the time I am cooking Gousto recipes, but when I feel like being adventurous, I find myself browsing BBC GoodFood where I can usually find something interesting to cook.

A16Z.com - Andressen Horowitz's blog. This is a fantastic source of in depth thought pieces and analysis of startup and tech industry trends. There are also plenty of great articles addressing some of the common issues you face when starting and growing a business.

TripAdvisor - A well planned holiday is a great opportunity to step away from it all, relax, and gain some perspective on the business and on your life. Whether you're planning where to go on your next holiday or find yourself in a new city looking for a good restaurant, Trip Advisor is a fantastic resource.

Windguru - I've recently taken up kitesurfing, and Windguru gives you real-time info and forecasts of the weather conditions right across the UK and pretty much the whole world - great for finding the best beaches to visit at the weekend!

Evernote - It doesn't sync very well, but I do find it indispensable for maintaining my to-do lists and notes across multiple platforms. Prioritising tasks and writing up notes is a great way to be productive while commuting in the morning and evenings.

10 December 2014