Gregor Lawson of Morphsuits, the fancy dress phenomenon, gives an insight into his life online.

Gregor Lawson is Marketing Director and one of the three founders of Morphsuits, the fancy dress phenomenon which started in 2009 and now represents the largest costume brand in the world, with sales in over seventeen countries and over 1.2 million Facebook fans. Before Morphsuits, Gregor spent eight years in FMCG marketing working for Procter & Gamble on brands such as Gillette, Pantene and Pringles. Morphsuits turnover in FY13 was £10.5m.

My Favourite Website... Daily Mail. Does that make me a bad person? I don't care. It is a beautiful, scuzzy, bite-size break from the daily grind. On a more serious note, they are redefining how we consume the news and as someone who appreciates e-commerce their 'get this look' pop-ups are genius.

My Favourite App... Morphsuits. I'm biased but it's a great app. It's a one stop shop for all your costume needs. Customers can buy the world's most impactful costumes, activate beating heart animations to go in their costumes and will soon have a global, geo-targeted map so they can show people the fun they're having in their costume. I also like Strava as I like running and cycling and beating my times.

My Favourite Blog... Benedict Evans. I always remember this quote from a guy called Jesper Weigandt at P&G, "The future has already happened, it is just unevenly displaced." Benedict's blog helps me keep up with the future of technology.

My Most Recent Buy Online... a pair of Emu boots for my 87 year old Nana. I'm signed up to SecretSales and get a daily post of the deals. Nana loves cosy stuff and anything in the colour light blue. They're her Christmas present. One of my resolutions from the New Year was to stop being last minute at Christmas presents. So far I've got seventeen out of twenty. They're much better than last year.

My Favourite Tweeter ... my brother Rory Lawson. He captained Scotland at rugby, has recently retired and has got good banter (like his elder bro). He's always sharing interesting stuff from behind the scenes of world sport on how to eat right.

My Pet Hate About Life Online... re-marketing. I've been stalked by a furniture sales site for four months trying to get me to buy a kitchen dresser. I can't bring myself to tell them I got a better one for less from John Lewis.

Social Media Allowed Me to Meet... I've not met anyone famous nor my girlfriend through social media so I'm going to say 127 Morphs. We had a Power Ranger Morphsuit flashmorph (our equivalent to Flashmob) where we took on 1000 Zombies. It was an awesome day out and lovely to see how much fun people have in our stash.

My Stand Out Online Memory... finding out that kids watch YouTube like I watch TV. It stands out because I like to think I'm withit (in saying that I'm clearly not) and when I saw them in action, I realised I was not. I've worked pretty hard since to keep up.

Most Worthwhile Newsletter/Mailer... Conversion Rate Experts. They are a conversion optimisation agency which is generally pretty dull for anyone who doesn't run a website but their newsletters are mega. They cover loads of great content always linking into their theme, from the 100 best speeches of all time, to top tips of how to manage your life, to new tech to help how you work (like Screenhero) to little pictures of otters, intermixed with great tips about conversion.

16 October 2013