Gareth Williams of Skyscanner, leading global travel search site, shares some favourite sites.

Gareth Williams is the CEO and co-founder of Skyscanner, a leading global travel search site, which specialises in providing instant online comparison for flights, hotel and car hire. It was Gareth's frustration with finding cheap flights that led him to create Skyscanner, ten years ago.

Skyscanner now receives over 25 million visitors per month around the world and its mobile apps have been downloaded over 30 million times.


Good Reads – For a tech geek, I’m also a book geek and I never travel without at least one book in my bag. Good Reads helps me keep track of what I’ve read, what friends are reading and get some inspiration for the must read books I need to have on my list. Essentially, it’s like having a virtual library and it’s indispensable for a book nut.

Mathletics – Trying to instil a love of learning in kids is so much easier with sites such as the brilliant Mathletics. My two boys really enjoy the competitive element and what child doesn’t like getting a certificate?!

Now I Know – More blog than website, nevertheless, this site, run by Dan Lewis, is full of daily facts and trivia about everything you didn’t realise you needed to know – it’s pretty addictive.

Tumblr – I’m proof that it’s not just one for the cool kids. Tumblr gives an immense amount of access to information and opinions on every kind of niche and interest

Business Insider – My go-to for breaking news and in-depth research articles, this US news site enables you to sign up for the categories that interest you and keeps you up to date on the need-to-know business news and views.

High Scalability – This one is admittedly quite niche and one for the techies like myself but for anyone who is involved in building a website or app and has ambitions of scaling it for large numbers of users, this is the site to follow. and its equivalent app, Chess, Play & Learn - It’s not always easy when you’re so busy to find people to have a good game of chess with and this website and its app equivalent are the best of the bunch when it comes to chess apps, whether you’re looking to play friends or complete strangers.

30 April 2014