Elizabeth Peyton-Jones, best-selling author, naturopath, herbalist and health expert, shows us around her web.

Elizabeth Peyton-Jones is author of Eat Yourself Young and Cook Yourself Young. Although not a household name, she has been pivotal to the change seen in the health arena. Her work as a naturopath and master herbalist as well as dietician and author of books to keep you vigorously healthy and wildly youthful, makes her an authority in this field and a go-to authority to the stars. Two years ago she developed her healthy, nutritionally balanced GoNuts! snack foods in four flavours which sell on Not on the High Street, Yumbles, Etsy and her own website.

Here we have her take on social media, of which she says she is not super savvy, but still has her favourite sites.

My favourite website... Jamie Oliver - Jamie makes fabulous home spun food and it now has a healthy twist to it. He captures imagination and makes home cooking easy, fun and child friendly.

My favourite app... NHS Sugar Smart - I love that you can see hidden sugars with this app. A fun way to see just how much sugar you consume. It's visual and shocking. Worth a go.

My blog of choice... EPJHealth - I think the posts are diverse, fun and also informative. I sometimes have guest bloggers and they talk about anything from addiction to motivation. You will obviously get all the food health tips from me.

My internet hero... Thandie Newton - A fabulous actress and activist. She is vocal about her treatment as a black woman in the film and model industry. She is strident and all about empowerment. She has a voice on this site which not only talks about tough subjects but makes it fun through glamour.

My favourite instagrammer... Yommme - If you want fabulous looking, colourful and healthy food, look no further. This is a fabulous site that is very inspiring. I love the food and I love the way they look.

My most recent buy online... A 3-D multi-coloured mood lamp and a LED cube speaker from BrightMinds - I think this is a genius site for children with cool, unusual and inexpensive gifts for inquisitive minds.

Book just downloaded... Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte, read by Thandie Newton - It is unbelievably good. It kept me entertained through hours of travel and in the end, even knowing the story, I still cried. It is a really beautifully written novel.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... The Handbook - What’s on, what’s happening, what’s new, gossip and fun to be had. They don’t hash out the old but see what’s going to trend and then let you know. They cover everything from health to which celebrity is in town.

Pet hate about life online... People who use it to vent anger, negativity and biased, bigoted, bullying views.

Stand out online memory... The coming together of an atrocity in France. I remember when everyone put the French flag on their posts to show respect. I love that feeling that despite the growth of xenophobia, nations will unite in mourning.

iPhone or Android? Android. I can't get my head around Apple.

January 2017