Daisy Harrison, internet hero among the parents of young children, shares her favourite online picks.

This week’s guest editor is heralded as an internet hero among the parents of young children. Daisy Harrison co-founded the award-winning phonics app, hip hop hen, and set up the sought-after Miss Daisy's nursery schools. Alongside fellow teacher Sophie Carter, Daisy developed hip hop hen, which is a complete phonics reading scheme making learning fun. So far, the duo have released four apps, one winning Editor's Choice on the App Store and the others reaching no 1 kids app.

Here Daisy shares her favourite online picks.

My favourite website... No Time For Flash Cards which was created by a teacher. It is US-based so the curriculum is different but it has loads of easy-to-follow and fun activities for children at home.

My favourite app... our award-winning hip hop hen phonics apps of course! - I have been overwhelmed with their success. One of our apps (hip hop hen: abc flashcard songs) was launched as Editor's Choice and awarded App Store's Best of 2014! Yes, I am biased but I truly believe in our apps for home and school use. I have seen first hand children’s reading transformed from using our apps but most importantly building their confidence and creating a love of reading for life and improving children’s listening and speaking skills. For pre-school numeracy apps for children I would recommend Cowly Owls’ Little Digits. I would also recommend Petting Zoo for when you need a coffee break. Children are mesmerised by this app.

My blog of choice... My Baba - I highly recommend this brilliant parenting blog with expert advice. It is just bursting with great reviews and recommendations. Our blog, hip hop hen, is great for parents wanting to support their child’s learning at home. It gives great ideas, suggestions and most importantly lots of fun activities during the school holidays.

My internet hero... Ken Robinson - I am the biggest fan; there is a reason why he is the most watched speaker in TED’s history. I am constantly inspired by his mission to transform the culture of education and I gave each one of my teachers his book, ‘Creative Schools, The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education’.

My most recent buy online... vouchers on Amazon - I cheated last year by sending all my godchildren vouchers for Christmas.

Book just downloaded/read... Paradise City by Elizabeth Day - This is a real page-turner. You can’t help but get caught up in the characters lives; you actually start to really care about each one. Elizabeth Day is a wonderful storyteller.

My favourite tweeter... Emma Sinclair - Emma is a huge supporter of entrepreneurs, so much so she was awarded an MBE for her services to entrepreneurship. Her tweets are about making great connections, bringing people together and encouraging people to be brave in business. I also really like Stuart Dredge for his app recommendations.

My favourite instagrammer... London's Little Thinkers - It was created by a qualified primary school teacher to connect parents, carers and teachers with fun and educational opportunities for children in London. I always love her posts and as a teacher, you can trust her recommendations.

Social media allowed me to meet... Masses of people in the EdTech world. The MeetUp forums are amazing for connecting people.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... Okido - It is science based, has a close eye on the curriculum and all the children love it.

Stand out online memory... When my school website was built. That was a huge moment when I realised I was going from being a teacher to Headmistress and owner of a business. It was a very exciting time.

Pet hate about life online An inbox full of emails. I am a teacher at heart and like things organised and jobs done so I do find it hard to relax until the red flags are out! Also I hate not having enough characters to tweet so comments get taken out of context.

iPhone or Android? For me, iPhone all the way and at hip hop hen we love Apple. However, we are keeping a close eye on Android , as it is becoming an education favourite.

February 2017