The French entrepreneur and founder and CEO of MANGOPAY and Leetchi, the European leading online money pot, shows us around her web.

'We can do almost everything on the internet, so collecting money should be simple,’ said Céline Lazorthes, our guest editor this week. There is little the French entrepreneur doesn’t know about online wealth. Céline is the founder and CEO of Leetchi Group, which includes Leetchi, the European leading online money pot and MANGOPAY.

Leetchi built a social payment platform so that groups of people can transfer money to an e-wallet, enabling users to collect funds more easily. ‘On the one hand you can collect money for group gifts, on the other you can support your local community and help people in need,’ explains Céline. ‘Recently a mother of a fourteen-year-old boy with multiple disabilities created a money pot to finance specific equipment needed for the surgery. Unfortunately, the government was unable to provide the necessary help and it was the local community who gave it with £21K in donations. I believe empowers people to make good things happen.’

My favourite website... Frichti, equivalent to MealFix in the UK - I have a fairly hectic schedule and this service allows me to get my lunch and dinner delivered at any time of the day and anyplace, regardless if I'm at home of office. Why? The food is healthy, fresh and well balanced. The menu changes on daily basis and it's 100% home made with high quality produce. It's not burgers or pizzas! I've become such an addict to their food that I recently made a decision to invest in the company.

My favourite app... I'm hesitating between Spotify and Buddhify - I'm a big fan of both music and meditation. When you have as hectic an agenda as mine - travelling all the time, working a lot - you need some real breaks. Both music and meditation help me to have that free moment.

My blog of choice... My Little Paris - It's fun to read and provides great tips on restaurants and general life in Paris. If you have a weekend there, do have a look at their website. It's available in English.

My internet hero... Elon Musk - He's a true visionary. He keeps surprising me with his creative and innovative ideas such as sending people into space and building a 45-minute train connection between San Francisco to New York. Can you imagine that? I love the fact that he dreams big.

My most recent buy online... a beautiful lamp from - They provide affordable designer furniture by cutting out the middlemen. The site is expanding very quickly in the UK. They now have showrooms in London, Liverpool and Birmingham. I love to discover innovative startup ideas.

Book just downloaded/read... 'The Man Who Risked It All' by Laurent Gounelle - He is currently one of the most read French writers. It's a book about self-discovery, overcoming deepest fears and self-doubts. I was fortunate enough to meet him in person last Saturday at Ted talks in Marseille, South of France.

My favourite tweeter... Susanne Chishti - I admire her for her hard work and involvement in the Fintech sector. She is the CEO of FINTECHcircle (Europe's 1st angel network) and co-editor of TheFINTECHBook. I'm a business angel myself and have invested in a wide array of companies, from foodtech, with Frichti, to HR Tech, with, and of course FinTech, with Pumkpin App.

My favourite instagrammer… @omjsk - Ja Soon Kim is a photographer and certified Iyengar Yoga instructor. I'm fascinated by her natural art compositions. They are inspirational and help me find inner peace.

Social media allowed me to meet… the whole world Isn't this the whole point of social media? Recently I've connected with Marc Andreessen, co-author of Mosaic, the first widely used web browser and a VC investor.

Most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... I try to avoid them as I don't have enough hours in the day to read them. The one I'm currently signed up to is Time to sign off.. It gives a summary of national and international news and helps me to stay up to date with world affairs.

Pet hate about life online... The overwhelming number of channels of online communication and information overload.

Stand out online memory... The first time I connected to the internet was on an AOL chat room. This is when I realised that I was indeed connected to the whole world. I was stunned by the potentials it had. I immediately saw that was a wonderfully powerful tool and I decided to study tech rather than anything else.

iPhone or Android? iPhone - no questions asked!

January 2017