Camilla Barnard, co-founder of Rude Health, shares some favourite sites.

Camilla Barnard is the Co-Founder & Marketing Director of Rude Health, a small bunch of food and health aficionados who are passionate about improving the health of the nation by encouraging people to challenge and improve what they eat. Since 2005, Rude Health has been creating award winning, delicious and healthy cereals, snacks and dairy free drinks - all with naturally flavoursome, sustainably grown ingredients and absolutely no added nasties. For more information about Rude Health and its range of fabulous foods, visit


Rawfair - I've had an embarrassingly recent awakening to natural wines. It was only when Isabelle Légeron pointed out that as I am borderline obsessed with unprocessed, organic and natural food, it's hypocritical of me to drink standard highly processed and refined wines. Having woken up, I'm learning slowly, and loving the journey. One very good reason to try natural wines is that they don't oxidise and go off in the same way as 'normal' wine. A bottle left open will taste quite different after a few days, but not like vinegar, so one bottle enjoyed over a week or so gives a range of tastes. This must be the best reason yet not to drink the whole bottle in one go. Rawfair is all about the natural wine show that Isabelle runs, but is the best source of information I've found on what makes a wine natural, the people who make them and the importers, when they have one.

modern farmer - I once read that almost the entire readership of Country Living is urban but dreams of living in the country. I wonder if a similar rule applies to the modern farmer. I am certainly not a farmer, but as we work with farmers to source our ingredients and our milk, I want to know more about where our food comes from, what's going on the farming world and its relationship with science and food policy. modern farmer does all this, with style. It is available as a print magazine too. This year they have already written on two of my favourite foods in The Great Maple Syrup Heist and Why There Are No GM Oats, And Probably Never Will Be. Two articles that this oat loving, maple syrup addicted foodie is powerless to resist.

yogatoday - This is the only site I pay to use. Living in London, I can't realistically practise yoga outdoors with a backdrop of the Teton mountain range, so I make do with following classes taught there. The huge and stunning backdrop is really just the gloss on what is the broadest selection of super high quality yoga classes. If there's a better selection of Kundalini Yoga anywhere please let me know. Seriously. Kundalini yoga is so much more than a good stretch or strengthening programme. It's the best stress buster I know, other than natural wine.

Sprouted Kitchen - I find more recipes online than I do in books these days. I use quite a few different sites, some for the recipes and some for the writing or inspiration. I keep coming back to Sprouted Kitchen because I like the writing style and the recipes, probably because the writer, Sara Forte's food philosophy is pretty much the same as mine. She says, "My intention is to make food taste good through using natural ingredients: whole grains, healthy fats, natural sugar alternatives and the like." It follows that most of the recipes only use a few high quality seasonal ingredients and are pretty straightforward. This is my kind of cooking.

Hive - Because every time I buy a book or stationery on Hive, no matter how big or small, my local independent bookshop will receive a percentage of the sale. That alone makes it the best place online to buy books. Happily it's also big on recommendations and highlights which make it a great browse, a bit like a bookshop.

Coolcamping - Holiday porn. The site has been relaunched recently so now it's easy to find luxury camping options such as a treehouse in France or geodesic dome in Cornwall, as well as the best traditional campsites in the UK, France and beyond. I am always attracted by the luxury options but usually opt for a tent on a traditional campsite in Dorset and I'm very happy with that. I just wish the site took bookings too, this would be invaluable when doing the inevitable last minute search during the summer holidays when there's a freak spell of good weather. All the camping cliches are true; there's nothing like fresh air, the kids love the freedom and food tastes better when cooked outdoors. Everything is simple and all the better for it.

The Oatmeal - I discovered this site completely by chance thinking it was about porridge. It's got absolutely nothing to do with porridge but it is full of pointless quizzes such as How Addicted to Sriracha Are You?, which I can just about legitimately call research into food trends. I've picked a food quiz to justify myself but the comic strip on Tesla: The Greatest Geek Who Ever Lived is pure fascination.

22 January 2014