Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan, founders of Midult, an innovative news outlet, give us an insight into their lives online.

When you wanted Justin Bieber, but life gave you an Aga. If that rings a bell, Midult will be a welcome addition to your online life. This summer saw the launch of Midult, an innovative news outlet founded by witty journalists, Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan. It’s already grabbed the attention of Jeremy Clarkson. The Midult forum targets tech savvy 35-55 year olds rebelling against the clichés of middle age. ‘There is an endemic cultural under-estimation of midlife women,’ says Annabel. ‘We are the first generation to grow up without checking out: we’re hugely engaged and hyper-connected but why should the fun stop at 35? Why not be whole-hearted in approach but also have a proper laugh? This is about unlocking the power and potential of the healthiest, wealthiest and most digitally engaged tribe of grown-up women in history.’

Here, Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan share their favourite online destinations

Our favourite website... the Midult - Sorry. But true. The users who contributed on the forum are funny, anxious and wise. They give us a unique insight into life as a Midult. The common ground stretches as far as the eye can see.

Emilie's favourite app... Uber and Ocado - I just can't live without these. Also Apple Music – I play LL Cool J and Christine & The Queens on repeat.
Annabel's favourites... Facetune, so I can airbrush myself, Snapseed so I can make my rubbish photography look crazily dramatic and Period Tracker so I know what's happening when.

Emilie's internet hero is... Zach Galifianakis, for his interview with Hillary Clinton on Between Two Ferns. He is funny, biting and clever.
Annabel... Amazon Prime, one of the most important relationships in my life.

Emilie's most recent buy online... a blender from Amazon - Oh the glamour.
Annabel... boots for my two year old from Trotters. - He put them on and said, 'I smart like Superman.'

Book Emilie has just downloaded...Swimming Home by Deborah Levy and Fear of Flying by Erica Jong
Annabel: Also Fear of Flying- Emilie and I are appallingly in tune. We're developing that weird twinny thing where we have the same thoughts. Soon we'll have our own language.

Emilie's favourite tweeter... @JK_Rowling, for always being a good thing. @Scanditwitchen, Bronte Aurell, who runs the Scandinavian Kitchen and writes Scandinavian cook and life books. She also has time to be warm and funny online. Also inspiring are @ES_Entrepreneur, Emma Sinclair, who just got an MBE for services to Business, and @Brogan_Driscoll of the Huffington Post. Not forgetting @CherryHealey who first got me on Twitter. I could go on and on. Basically I love Twitter.
Annabel... @NewYorker - Their links to fascinating, deep-dive articles always seem to pop up just when I have ten minutes going spare. This app gives me a modicum intelligent conversation, if I can remember anything I've read.

Emilie's Favourite instagrammer...@Overheardla - Who doesn’t love a caught snippet of conversation? It always makes me laugh but it's also very knowing. Lena Dunham, @lenadunham, I am just a Girl’s girl. Also, I must declare an interest, it’s my husband’s business but his garden offices and cabins are really very beautiful.
Annabel... @snashjewelry – I love their campy ghetto point of view. And I'm obsessed with watching the little recipe videos on @buzzfeedfood and @proper_tasty. Not that I'll ever cook any of them. Deliveroo has put paid to that.

Emilie's most worthwhile newsletter subscribed to... Next Draft - Dave Pell's newsletter curates the best of the day's news from publications all around the world. Always funny. Always on the nose. He describes himself as Managing Editor, the Internet. Someone has to.
Annabel... The Science of Us. New York magazine's slice of psych. Its compelling and funny.

Emilie's stand out online memory... When Jeremy Clarkson tweeted about The Midult and we (very) briefly trended. What an incredibly exciting, adrenalin-filled moment.
Annabel... seeing the Midult go live - How on earth did it even happen?

Emilie's pet hate about life online... Emails at night. I always feel I have to respond.
Annabel... The fact that I panic about losing my iPhone before I've even looked for it: 'F*** where is my... oh there it is.'

September 2016