Anna Tyzack, senior writer at the Daily Telegraph and founder of Mumfidential, gives us an insight into her life online.

Anna Tyzack is a senior writer at the Daily Telegraph and founder of Mumfidential. She lives in London with her husband, who is a barrister, and their three children.

Anna decided to create Mumfidential in the weeks following the birth of her first son, Hector, after spending many hours on Google, trying to work out what she was supposed to be doing. Routines, sleep, Bugaboos and breastfeeding were all completely alien. is a small but perfectly-formed resource to inspire mothers through the highs, lows and baby brain moments of motherhood. The editorial team is made up of mothers, many of whom are also journalists as well as some of the best known parenting bloggers and experts.

Since launching last January, Mumfidential has become a trusted resource for thousands of mothers. The site was shortlisted for the Good Web Guide Awards 2015 and has featured on Huffington Post and Mumsnet.

My favourite website... is currently Amazon - But then I did have a baby three weeks ago. What did we do before Amazon Prime? In more settled times, I’d say Telegraph Fashion or The Debrief. There’s also nothing quite like Country Life.

My favourite app... Magisto - Great for making short (tear jerkingly sentimental) movies. I use it whenever I come back from holidays. I’m also a fan of Touchnote, it’s great for sending quick photo postcards wherever you are.

My favourite blog... bertieabouttown - I’m currently enjoying this new interiors blog. I’ve just moved house and so far, interior designer and devoted shopper, Florence, has come up with some brilliant recommendations for lamps and rugs.

My internet hero... Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook - The site receives a lot of flack but it helped me get Mumfidential off the ground and is a great resource for pooling information from your “friends”.

My most recent buy online... a new bed from Loaf and a Chicco Next to Me Crib for the baby - I don’t know why I thought it a good idea to splurge on beds at a time when I’m getting NO sleep but at least it means when we are in bed, we are both very comfortable. I’ve even got the baby a Sleepyhead pod to go in his cot – it’s a mattress designed to give an even greater sense of security (anything to encourage more sleep).

Book I’ve recently downloaded... Alison Scott-Wright’s The Sensational Sleep Plan - I studied it religiously with my first two babies and have now bought myself the Kindle edition as I gave my hard copy away. Here’s hoping it works a third time.

My favourite Tweeter... Graham Norton - I adore Graham Norton’s column in Telegraph Weekend and read it via Twitter as soon as it goes live. I’m also secretly addicted to updates from the cast of Made in Chelsea and Tatler UK.

My favourite Instagrammer... Cara Delevigne - I enjoy living vicariously through Cara while I change nappies/ feed babies/ squint at my computer screen late at night. As Cara would say, “Don’t worry, be happy ? Embrace your weirdness...”

Social Media Allowed Me to Meet... My amazing Mumfidential contributors. We mostly stumbled across each other on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and they have since become the lifeblood of the site.

My Stand Out Online Memory... The first time we were nominated as Mumsnet Blog of the Day. I watched in awe as our visitor numbers soared higher than they’d ever been before. That’s one powerful website.

Most Worthwhile Newsletter Subscribed To... Stylebop - Well, it is the most dangerous. I was recently persuaded to buy a pair Fiorentini + Baker boots (they were on sale though). Vintage Roots is a good one for wine... it flags up great deals on organic and biodynamic wines. We keep going back for more. My children prefer my emails from Pizza Express as I can’t resist a two for one meal deal.

My pet hate about life online... trolls - They’re always there, waiting to pounce. You have to have a thick skin (or at least pretend to).

iPhone or Android – iPhone. I’ve got one of those notebook-style covers that stores my credit cards, Oyster, Caffe Nero points cards etc. People keep warning me that I’ll lose all my lifelines at once but there’s something so liberating about going out without a purse.

2 March 2016