Aneeqa Khan, CEO and founder of eporta, the one stop shop for interiors professionals, shares her favourite sites.

Aneeqa Khan is the CEO and founder of eporta, a platform for professional buyers, designers and suppliers that is redefining the interiors industry. Launched in 2014, it now has more than 2000 trade buyers and 750 suppliers from 45 countries and growing.

eporta is a one stop shop for interiors professionals to discover and buy pieces from all over the world, from unknown craftspeople to established luxury brands. eporta simplifies the buying process and fast-tracks relationship building by making it easy to work directly with suppliers and cutting out the long-winded process of separate trade accounts.

Aneeqa is on the judging panel for this year's GWG Website of the Year Awards.


The Economist - Great content, never disappoints. It’s what I use to make sure I’m not just reading snippets of news on the go but doing more of a deep dive on what’s going on in the world.

Trello - A great to-do list manager, very simple and intuitive. If I need to do something and it isn’t listed on Trello, it’s not happening!

eporta - Of course, for getting incredible furniture from larger brands and new designers that you can’t find elsewhere.

Zoopla - As a property fiend, I regularly browse Zoopla to snoop on properties available on the market.

Strava - For tracking runs, it allows you to compare time and speed across your own runs but also other runners who have done the same track.

Favourite app... Citymapper - A better version of Google maps, helping me orienteer around London or a new city – it integrates with trains, tubes, buses and taxi services to optimise your route.

16 June 2016